This training has been cancelled.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Thank you for your understanding.

A PEACE CLINIC MAX IS ON IT'S WAY: After a national run of Peace Clinics from Orlando to Los Angeles, San Antonio to Denver, our models are now in use in several nations.   We now come back to Iowa to kick off a Peace Clinic MAX covering ALL of our active and improved tools.  We are releasing the latest clearing updates, results, modeling and tools for you to use.   We have streamlined and systemized the toolkits and manuals.   

New Models specifically designed for:

  • WFM EFP Trauma Clearing RELEASING REVISION 17-07C (English and Spanish Version 15-xxx,16-xxx superseded)
    • NEW! Food Addiction Toolkit
    • NEW! Systematic Clearing Model
    • NEW! Thematic Clears
    • NEW! "INTHEMOMENT" Clears
    • NEW! Obsessions and Cycles Toolkit
    • NEW! Veterans Systematic Toolkit
NEW UPDATE!!! For the first time in over 7 years, we have updated and utilized our new modeling for spiritual clearing also with incredible results.   New easier and faster ways to deal with the things that used to take hours.   We will release our new updates and models for Freedomology with Version 3/2017

A PROVEN METHOD FOR CLEARING: Post-traumatic stress, panic, fear, anxiety, anger, running away, nightmares, addictions, coping habits, phobias, weight gain, pain storage, lack of concentration, and more. 

A workshop intensive for equipping ANYONE who interacts with people struggling with trauma. This easy-to-learn, versatile method is useful to parents, counselors, educators, pastors, physicians, social workers, therapists, and the like. Self-treatment is also effective.