Sunday evening January 29th at 6:30PM CST
Phone Bridge - (605) 475-5900, 593628#

On Sunday evening at 6:30PM CST we will be holding a conference call in regard to two critical immediate client actions we are needing assistance with.  The reason for the Immediate Action Call is due to the threat assessment and intensity of travel requirements involved.  

We have only held Immediate Action Calls twice in the past 36 months.   When conditions and urgency exist beyond our normal means of client handling, we hold an anonymous and confidential briefing call.  The call will be with a few people whom have helped in the past or are willing and able to assist in these critical actions.  
Both cases that will be discussed are present and urgent in nature. They require our action within the next 10 days.
The call should be approximately 15 minutes.
  • International Case - International Child Trafficking - 2 Children 2 Adults - Complex travel through 4 nations  
  • Open for funding - 36 hours
(45 seconds is the average time it take for someone to donate online and make a powerful one-time difference)

Notice:  'IMMEDIATE ACTIONS' and '45 Seconds' are both official funding tools utilized by WFM's efforts in Human Trafficking client restoration

WFM Missions Base USA “A Place of Refuge and Restoration” *SPECIAL FUNDING*

WFM Missions Base – 2017 - Wind and Fire Ministries Inc. is a domestic and international Missions organization. The WFM Missions Base hosts two Missions Base properties, one in the USA and one in Central America.   These locations serve our three core mandates in 1) expressing a Place of Refuge and Restoration for people in crisis and need, 2) dynamic environments to Equipping People for powerful influence in the earth and 3) through the context of Night and Day Worship and Prayer, develop powerful and authentic lovers of the Lord.   

Contact Information:  3243 Wind and Fire Dr. Marion, IA 52302319.294.5307 ●