Tech Grant Help Guide

Tech Grant May 2015 - includes: purpose, requirements, references, rubric, application                        

Fall 2015 Tech Grant   

We are happy to announce that WFEE has made another contribution to PowerED UP, which allows us to send out another round of in-district technology grants!!  

These will be due on November 9, 2015, we will blind score, and then immediately order and set-up the equipment.  This in-district grant process allows us to get more equipment in the district, provide more professional development for everyone, and support a collaborative environment where colleagues are sharing with each other (and amassing evidence for Standard IV of the evaluation :-).  

Based on funding, please keep in mind that requesting a "class set" of anything will not be awarded.  If after reading through all of the attached documents, you have any questions, please let me know.  However, please do not send me your grant, as this is a blind scoring process.  

Please submit the grants to: .  
No grants will be accepted through email, hard copy, etc.  
They MUST be submitted through the googleform 
(this allows us to make sure that none are lost in processing and that none of the people blind scoring will see the grants ahead of time).  

Based on feedback we have: 
  • changed the submission process, streamlined the form, 
  • attached a sample, 
  • and are encouraging people to apply as a grade level or team. 
  • We also want to emphasize that we do not expect the grants to be lengthy (1-2 pages), 
  • and that most people are asked to do no more than 6 hours of professional development (which can be delivered during half-days,  summer workshops, faculty/dept/grade level sharing, common planning time sharing, helping an individual colleague, presenting on tech night, etc.).

MultiCultural Grant


We are also excited to announce grants now offered through the Multicultural Network.  Please find the explanation and application attached.  Once completed, please email to me at: and I will send along all applications to the multicultural network.  

Grant Forms

Summer workshops, faculty/dept/grade level sharing, common planning time sharing, helping an individual colleague, presenting on tech night, etc.

Technology Standards

The rubric asks for Common Core and/or Tech Standards.  You will score higher if explain how you will integrate the tech standards into your core subject standards.  You can find tech standards at the sites below.




Your grant should include examples of how the requested technology can help you to differentiate in the classroom.

When differentiating content a teacher may vary what they teach or how students gain access to that content.

The process of how the material in a lesson is learned based on student learning style.

What the student produces at the end of the lesson to demonstrate the master of the content.

a student’s entry point relative to a particular interest or skill

What are the student's interests (general and specific) that he/she will find fascinating within the topic or dicipline.

Differentiating instruction refers to supporting the different modes of learning styles and intelligences (e.g., Gardner's Mulitiple Intelligence) through curriculum and instruction. 

An example:
Chromebooks will allow me to differentiate Interest by allowing me to assign in class assignments based on students interest. For example, when reading Romeo and Juliet, students may research topics like fashion, music, or location of the time period and then present using presentation apps like PowerPoint, Google Slids, Glogster or Prezi.