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Project 351 Ambassador Applications Open to McCall M.S. 8th Graders Until Friday, December 17th.

Applications for McCall Ambassador to Project 351 are now being accepted. Project 351 is a Massachusetts organization that celebrates the ethic of service, youth leadership, and the unifying and uplifting power of community. At the heart of Project 351 is the dedication and compassion of our eighth grade Ambassadors. Ambassadors are selected for their exemplary ethic of service and values of kindness, compassion, humility, and gratitude. Being a McCall Ambassador is a true growth experience, as Ambassadors meet and volunteer with other students from throughout Massachusetts, engage in group community service activities, and participate in leadership training seminars throughout the year.

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What is Service Learning?

Service learning is a teaching method in which classroom lessons are applied to addressing real needs in the community. The strongest learning experiences allow for: youth initiative, time for reflection on the service experience, and opportunity for students to demonstrate acquired skills and knowledge through service. Positive outcomes include:

  • Development of youth leadership

  • Increased student engagement

  • Students informed of possible careers

  • Community building

  • Authentic assessments