This site will help you get your CompTIA A+ Certification.

Over the years, I have notice students learn in different ways. By using a combination of:
  • Textbook/Handouts
  • Power Point presentations
  • YouTube Videos & Internet sites
  • Computer based Training (CBT)
  • Virtual Labs & Hardware Labs 
  • Pre-Testing
  • Lectures 
Students can achieve their goals and earn their A+ Certification . To get the optimal results, I recommend you use all the formats available to you.  

To get in the habit of studying, it takes time. Try 30 min per day and then work your way towards 2-3 hrs per day. 

So welcome to Computer Repair/A+...

Tony Diaz

Communicating with Tony Diaz:
Email: tonydiaz@wincertification.com
Cellphone: 907-720-6456