Grade 3

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HCPS III Grade 3
World Language Benchmark
Give and follow simple instructions using common words or phrases that facilitate age-appropriate classroom activities. [3.1.1]

Recognize the meaning of key words or phrases from a variety of developmentally appropriate written or oral materials. [3.2.1]

Use simple words and phrases to present about familiar topics. [3.3.1]

Describe mutual contributions of products and practices of the culture being studied and own culture [3.4.1]

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                    Nihongo class starts on August 11th!
                   Japanese class will be held in room F5.

In Grade 3, your child will increase their Japanese vocabularies (classroom commands, directions, animals, family members), and being able to ask and answer questions in Japanese. Grade 3 students will continue to learn and participate in cultural activities through storytelling, games, and crafts.

Shiho Matsutaka,
Sep 2, 2015, 11:48 AM