4th Grade Announcements and Reminders

Please note that the following dates and events are subject to change . . .
For events scheduled throughout the year, click on "Year-At-a-Glance".
Check this site frequently as events, dates, and times will be updated once this information becomes available.  Thank you! 

7             HSA Science Opp. #2
20-24   Spring Break
27           No School (Prince Kuhio Day)

11            HSA Science Opp. #3 
14            No School (Good Friday)
17            No School (P&C Day for Teachers)
26          Thursday Bell Schedule
27           Wednesday Bell Schedule
28           Ho'olaule'a

18-19       PCC Field Trip
25           Grade 4 Luau
26           Students' Last Day

Notices and reminders ...
  • Please check this website frequently as additional information regarding field trips and curriculum are available.  Your child can access Reading Wonders, enVision Math, and KidBiz though this site.  Parent bulletins and breakfast and lunch menus are also posted.  
  • The Fourth Grade Team communicates and articulates daily so that we are all "on the same page".  Depending on different variables, teachers and their classes may move at different rates.  
  • Tests Folders will be sent home in the Thursday Envelope.  Please sign the test papers to acknowledge that you have seen them, and return the tests and the Test Folder when you are done.
It is a very big step from third grade to fourth grade.  Teachers are trying to teach children what to study and how to study.  Any assistance that you can give your child is also appreciated.  For example:  ask your child to tell you what he/she is learning, post the spelling words on the refrigerator or carry a list in the car and ask him/her to spell words from his/her spelling list, have him/her retell you the current story from Reading Wonders, read together or read aloud.  Most of all, encourage your child to read in his/her spare time. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.  We thank you for taking an active role in supporting your child's education!
Fourth Grade Team
(Ms. Gum, Ms. Saito, Mrs. Haraga, Mrs. Chang)