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Homework for spelling can be done in always be done in advance especially if you know your child will be busy with after school activities during the week.

A day-write each word 3x each
B day-write each word in ABC order
C day-write 5 sentences using at least 7 words in each sentence
D day-write 5 sentences using at least 7 words in each sentence
E day-study for test
F day-sign test and return the following day

Math- 1 workbook page front and back

Grammar- 1 half sheet glued in M/W or T/Th. tablet

Tests-please return them promptly, corrected by your child in red pen or a different color than the pencil, and signed in the stamped area.

Reading Wonders reading tests- F days

Robust vocabulary tests-This will be given the same day as the Reading Wonders test (F days).  Please review the words with your child.  Use the word in examples they can relate to. Ask a question with the vocab word in it.

Reading-Book-It projects and Book-It logs will be given almost every month.  Along with the project, your child is required to read 200 or more pages monthly.  This is not an option.  Please do not wait until the day before it is due to work on it.  Dec./Jan will be combined.  All projects will be presented in front of the class and your child will be graded on eye contact, voice, response, and communication.

Soc. St. and Science-Students will need to take home their folder and textbook for these subjects prior to taking the test.  They will be informed in advance on when the test will be. Look in the homework planner for a reminder notice on the test date.

If your child has forgotten his or her spelling HW tablet, please check the subpage of this page titled spelling lists and use those words to complete the HW.  It may be done on folder paper and I will staple it in the morning.  If your child has forgotten his or her math and grammar tablet, s/he can come in my room to get the tablet in the morning before school starts and finish the HW outside.

Students that complete their  HW and turn it in on time by 8:00am daily get 1 ticket at the end of the week.