Wildcat Excellence

November Excellence Awards
Academics:  Mariah Murray

The physics classes tested their roller coaster projects Monday.  We had one coaster that worked perfectly first time every time so the honor of this “Best Built Roller Coaster” goes Mariah. Congratulations!!!

Athletics:  Erika Cervantes

Erika is an outstanding student athlete with impeccable character. Active member of the dance team and has straight A’s for the year. Helps translate for ELL students in class and is willing to help any classmate that asks for help. She is an excellent member of the Wildcat student body.

Arts:  Madeline Spradley

In Art class, everything she does is beautiful. She listens to critique and is very serious about perfecting her craft. She approaches her art work like she would a core class. She sets a blueprint and a guideline of how I will achieve this, and gets it done. The most impressive thing about her though is her willingness to help others in her class. She has become my second hand in the classroom. I fully trust her when she is helping others also. She will give tips on, how to’s, and ways she has learned to do specific things. Her art work is also going to the Frist at the end of the month.

Service:  Nibraas Khan

He is a member of NHS and has taken charge of the tutoring program.  He tutors students and arranges for other NHS members to tutor underclassmen.  Nibraas also heads up an after-school ACT prep session.  He is dependable and takes the initiative to help others.

September Excellence Awards

Academics:  Nominated by Ms. Gose

I nominate Raymond Jones for academics.  Raymond is a great student that gives 100% in the classroom. He is also very active in FBLA and works hard for the club.  He is willing to help others and is always very respectful.  He is kind and willing to take on extra projects.  He is a great student in every aspect.

Service:  Nominated by Mr. Ruckman

I would like to nominate Esiason Gutierrez.  Recently I had a student transfer into our class that spoke no English.  I was trying to teach him Algebra using google translate from my computer and the student using his phone.  Esiason walked up near the end of the second day and said to me “You know I speak fluent Spanish, right Mr. Ruckman?”   I didn’t have a clue, but he offered to help translate for the new student and walk him through our lessons.  The new student transferred out of our school a few days later, but I thought it was a very “standup” thing to do on Esiason’s part.  This young man is everything our school stands for and a joy to have in class.

Arts:  Nominated by Ms. Ray

Logan Reed is an outstanding theatre student, who has recently been nominated for NHS.  Maintains a high GPA, performs in all major and minor theatre productions and holds down a part time job.  He is a great example to our underclassmen as well as his peers. 

Athletics:  Nominated by Coach Jennings

I would like to nominate Blain Turner for the athletic recognition. On Tuesday, he broke his own school record by shooting a 65 (-7) against Beech at Pine Creek. This helped our team establish a school record by breaking 300 for the first time ever as a team score. (297) He is committed to Trevecca on a golf scholarship.


August Excellence Awards


Abby Yankura:   She maintains a high GPA in mostly Honors and AP classes, she is an active participant in Beta Club, and she is a Football Manager (a hard job that isn’t often recognized). She is respected by her peers and her teachers. Abby is always willing to help another student out and an extremely hard worker. She stops by at lunch tutoring, even if she only had trouble with one or two homework problems, because she wants to be sure she completely understands each skill.

James Graham for having an article published in the Mt. Juliet Chronicle this past Wednesday


Cole McCorkle is our left tackle on the football team.  He is a great young man very respectful and has a high GPA. He is always involved around school. He always goes above and beyond what is asked of him on the football field and off.

Shelby Coombes:  A team captain, she's ranked #3 for total blocks in the state of Tennessee on MaxPreps.com and is currently taking extra ACT prep classes to increase her current score, demonstrating diligence on the court and in the classroom. 


Chelsey Hall:  Not only is she Editor of the Yearbook, but also manages to produce short films on her own, and is a positive role model for her class.

Emily Buckner has shown excellence in dance class, not only as a performer, but by making intelligent and thoughtful comments about choreography that we watch in class. She has also been a willing helper to students who are struggling with dances and combinations. She is a member of the dance team, and leads by example in many ways.


Zack Barnes:  Between classes one day a trashcan got knocked over and no one went to clean it up.  Ms. Johnson started and Zack stopped and helped without even being asked and didn’t complain at all. 

Christian Kaposy:  For his outstanding work with the VNN sports broadcasting program.