1. How do I sign my child out of school early?

There are two ways to sign your student out of school:

If the student drives, the student must turn in a note to sign out of the office by 9:40—no exceptions. If it is not turned in, the parent will have to come and pick them up.  All notes will be verified before the student can check out. Notes will need a phone number listed. Please include the student’s name, time they are to be signed out, reason for signing out, along with the parents signature and phone number. 

The other way a student can be signed out, is for a parent (or someone on the students contact list) to physically come to the school and sign them out.


2. What does my child need to do if they become sick at school?

We have a full time nurse at our school every day.  If a student visits the clinic, the school nurse will contact a parent with her findings.  Nurse Sprouse can be reached at 453-4600 extension 3008.


3. Can students bring cell phones to school?

Yes, they must not be visible from the time the student gets to campus until 3:30.  We have a phone in the office for students to use if you MUST get in contact with your student.


4. My student was out sick (or late to school) and I forgot to send a note, what can I do?

You have 3 days to send in a note after an absence, or it may be faxed to 453-4610. A student may use up to 5 parent notes (that’s 5 days) per term that can be excused for personal illness; after 5 parent notes, a doctor’s note will then be required for illness. Doctor’s notes are unlimited and will always be accepted to excuse an absence.


5. Compliance Form Requests (Required by the State for a student to obtain their Driving Permit)

  • You MUST be 15 for the form to even print in our system.
  • There is a form in the office to request the truancy form.
  • We ask for 24 hours to get the form to the student once it has been requested.
  • Once the form is printed, it is only good for 30 days.