NAEP TEST TAKERS COMPLIMENTED: Our NAEP representative said our students did a great job with participation as well as being on their best behavior for both sessions. We really appreciate the students and parents supporting this important test, by letting their child participate and the student willing participating.

MEDAL of HONOR Emphasis 

WWM was featured on the County FB page for our Medal of Honor empahsis in our ELT (Extended Learning Time) on Mondays.

Whether you're the President, a college professor, or a farmer... so much of life's success, or failure, hinges on character!

That's why administrators at West Wilson Middle School are starting a character development program, created by the Medal of Honor Organization, for students in grades K-8.

The program is designed to teach students about courage, commitment, sacrifice, and integrity... then use those tools to influence change.


VETERAN'S DAY was observed at West Wilson Middle with student written essays, ROTC from Wilson Central presenting a marching drill, Taps played by WWM band director Keith Heim for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, inspirational speeches by Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Guy Alexander and Marine Corps Staff Sergeant David Hale, who also sang "Another Soldier Coming Home." Other patriotic songs and music were presented by the Wildcat Teacher Chorus and the West Wilson Middle student choir and band.

A Letter of Appreciation to our Veterans
This past week, my mother and her sister drove up to Virginia for my uncle’s retirement ceremony. It was like any other retirement, except my uncle is only forty. He was retiring from twenty years of service in the U. S. Air Force. Not only is he now a veteran, but my dad and both of my grandfathers are veterans, too. I’ve always been proud of my many family members who have served our country, as well as extremely grateful. Now I have a chance to thank more than just the people that share my last name.
Being an American citizen is something I’m very proud of. Very few countries have the freedoms we do as Americans. These freedoms, however, must be upheld and protected. That is the job of our military. I’m extremely thankful that so many brave men and women have sacrificed so much, some even their lives, to fight for America. It is truly humbling to imagine the people who have and are currently trying to protect America. I can never thank them enough.
Our veterans deserve unending respect for the service they’ve provided. At my grandfather’s funeral, two members of the U.S. Marines unfolded a large American flag. They saluted it then refolded it with care. The whole process was done slowly and carefully, paying tribute to my grandfather’s service in WW II, along with other service members everywhere. It showed just how much respect and honor our veterans deserve.
If I could, I would thank each and every person who has ever served in the U.S. military. They have provided a great service to our country, one which deserves great recognition. I would like to thank every branch of our military. Thank you, veterans, of the Army. Thank you, veterans, of the Navy. Thank you, veterans, of the Air Force, and thank you, veterans of the Marines. I am extremely thankful—as is all of America!
Grace Bingham, 8th grade
Beta Club President

Vickie Wright: Museum Teacher Fellows

This summer Mrs. Vickie Wright, eighth grade Pre AP ELA teacher, attended a conference in Washington, D.C., at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. July’s conference was the twentieth anniversary gathering of the Museum Teacher Fellows.  An elite group of educators, Museum Fellows collaborate with the Museum, Holocaust centers, universities, and other organizations nationwide to support the Museum’s program of educational outreach. Participants heard news from museum staff about upcoming exhibits, accounts from Holocaust survivors, and some of the latest research from historian Christopher Browning. Museum Fellows also had a special tour of the Museum’s Permanent exhibit. Mrs. Wright has been a Museum Fellow since 1999.

While in Washington, Mrs. Wright visited the Folger  Shakespeare Library as well. WWMW is offering a Shakespeare Seminar, an enrichment course for eighth graders during ELT.