PAWW News Letter

Our goal is to communicate and engage all parents who want to help so they can assist as they can!  We will work to send volunteer opportunities so you can plug in as it works for you.  We want WWMS to be an outstanding experience for all students and staff!
Want to give back to WWMS while shopping? (These are some very easy ways to help our school!)
Shop on AMAZON?  Connect your amazon account at 
Shop at Kroger? August is Re-enrollment time... Here is an easy way to help our school. Register your normal Kroger Plus card online and choose our organization under the community rewards section of your profile. We are listed under Organization # 87028 or by name of PAWWMS Booster Club.
Then all you have to do is be sure you use/swipe your Kroger plus card at checkout! If you registered during last school year - you must re-register your card this school year as well. Please help support our school!
When checking out, just ask the cashier to scan the WWMS Publix Community Card and a portion will be donated back to our school.  Have 2 schools you need to support?  No problem, just ask they swipe both.
Does your employer offer company matching? PAWW is listed as a non profit and can be found via our EIN# 463372142 under Parents Assisting West Wilson.  Pay for fundraisers through your company matching and just print the donation confirmation sheet to include as payment.
Fundraisers are how the school and the PTO raise money.  Please feel free to pick and choose the fundraiser that is right for you and your student, if any.  

Fundraisers this fall: TBD

We look forward to working together with you this school year!

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