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Congratulations for participating in the science fair!  Good luck with your project!  Make sure that you turn your display into the school Library by March 20, before 3:45 pm! 

 The Science Fair is March 20, 2017 from 3:45-5:00 pm.  Judges will begin judging projects at 3:45.  You should be standing by your display so judges can ask you questions about your project.  Your parents will be asked to leave your display when the judges are asking you questions.  These will be simple questions, so please don’t fret!  The judges want to just make sure you know your topic.  You are required to be at your display while judging is taking place, but things do come up in our very busy lives and we know that you may not be able to be at school during the science fair.  You may still display your Project.   Parents can view displays any time after  the conclusion of the judging.  You may take home your project at the conclusion of the fair.  Ribbons will be awarded at the conclusion of the judging.

The following is information about what a science project involves and what information should be on your display boards.   Your teacher should be able to answer any question you have.  The number one rule for science fair is HAVE FUN!

Scientific Method

Your science project is an investigation using the scientific method to discover the answer to a scientific problem.  Before starting your project, you need to understand the scientific method.  It is the process of thinking through the possible solutions to a problem and testing each possibility for the best solution.  The scientific method involves the following steps:  doing research, identifying the problem, stating a hypothesis, conducting experimentation, and reaching a conclusion. 

Research is the process of collecting information from your own experiences, knowledgeable sources and data from exploratory experiments.  Do use references from printed materials (books, journals, magazines and newspapers, including all online sources). 

The Problem is the scientific question to be solved.  It is best expressed as an “open-ended” question.  For example; “How does light affect the reproduction of bread mold on white bread?”  Do limit your problem and do choose a problem that can be solved experimentally. 

The Hypothesis is an idea about the solution to a problem, based on knowledge and research.  While the hypothesis is a single statement, it is the key to a successful project.  For example “I believe that bread mold does not need light for reproduction on white bread.” 

Project Experimentation is the process of testing a hypothesis.  Do have only ONE changed variable (independent variable) during your experiment.  Do repeat the experiment more than once.  Do have a control variable – something that remains the same and do organize your data.   

Project Conclusion is a summary of the results of the project experimentation and a statement of how the results relate to the hypothesis.  If applicable, the conclusion can end by giving ideas for further testing.  Don’t change your hypothesis.  Don’t leave out experimental results that don’t support your hypothesis.  Do give possible reasons for the difference between your hypothesis and the results.  Do give ways that you can experiment further to confirm results.


Your display represents all the work that you have done – anything that represents your project such as models made, items studied, photographs, surveys and the like.  It must tell the story of the project in such a way that it attracts and holds the interest of the viewer.  It should be thorough, but not too crowded so keep it simple.  The title and other headings should be neat and large enough to be read at a distance of 3feet.  A short title is often eye-catching.  The following headings are examples:  Problem, Hypothesis, Experiment (materials and procedures), Data, Results, Conclusion, and Next Time.  Before you glue everything down, lay the board on a flat surface and arrange the materials a few different ways.  This will help you decide on the most suitable and attractive presentation.


Unacceptable for Display:

1.  Live Animals

2.  Microbial cultures or fungi, living or dead

3.  Animal or human parts, except for teeth, hair, nails and dried animal bone

4.  Liquids, including water

5.  Chemicals and/or their empty containers, including caustics, acids and household cleaners

6.  Open or concealed flames

7.  Batteries with open-top cells

8.  Combustible materials

9.  Aerosol cans of household solvents

10.  Controlled substances, poisons, or drugs

11.  Any equipment or device that would be hazardous to the public

12.  Sharp items, such as syringes, knives, and needles

13.  Gases


Additional questions can be directed to Mrs. Lawrence in Rm. 301.

See you at the Science Fair!



 Hairspray Jr. Show

West Wilson Middle School is proud to present Hairspray Jr. Show dates are April 6th @ 7 pm, April 7th @ 7 pm, and April 8th @ 3 pm! Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the show. Tickets will be $5.00, so please mark your calendars and come out and support these kids! 

Yearbook Order Form 

West Wilson Middle School is hosting the third annual Wilson County Kids’ Marathon!!

When: May 6, 2017 (This does not interfere with the Kids Rock Marathon in Nashville.)

Where: West Wilson Middle School

                935 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.

                Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Time: Times will vary based on grade level

                K (half mile) – 8:00 am

                1 –  8:30 am

                2 –  9:00 am

                3 –  9:30 am

                4 – 10:00 am

                5 – 10:30 am

                6 – 11:00 am

                7 and 8 – 11:30 am (6th, 7th, and 8th may be combined at 11:00 depending on entry numbers)


Who: Any Wilson County student currently enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Cost: Prior to February 10 - $20 per child

                After February 10 - $25 per child

All runners that wish to participate must be registered and paid in full BY THURSDAY MARCH 30th

How it works: Children should run 25.2 miles (12.6 for kindergarten) prior to May 6th.  Runners may break this up in any increments they wish and may begin running at any time once their registration has been received.  Attached you will find a runners log with a sample entry completed at the top.   Runners should bring this log with them on race day and will exchange the log for their race number.   On race day, students will run the final mile (1/2 mile for kindergarten) of their marathon.  As they cross the finish line, students will receive their medal and a bottle of water.

All students participating should return the attached form to Mrs. Schwarz at West Wilson Middle School along with the required payment.  Each participant will receive a Wilson County Kids Marathon T-shirt, race number, medal, and water. 

If you have any questions, please email schwarzk@wcschools.com .

2017-18 Student Registration

*If you have a current student that will be changing schools due to their normal grade progression promotion (6th Grade Feeder School Students), your student will automatically move to their zoned school and be considered a returning student. In July, you’ll need to update information through Family Access during the Returning Student Online Registration. Information will post on the County website closer to that time.

New Students to Wilson County

If this is the first time your child will be in a Wilson County School, you will need to place an online application at the following link: https://skyward.wcschools.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsEAplus/skyenroll.w

Once the application is completed, please call the school at 615-758-5152 for an appointment time. All applications will need to be done prior to the appointment at West Wilson Middle School. Please bring the following documentation to the appointment with you:

2 Current Proofs of Residence dated after July 1, 2017 (must have Parents name and address-Please see list on www.wcschools.com   of acceptable proofs)

Updated Tennessee Immunization Record and proof of a physical dated within the last year

Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

Custody Papers if applicable

Proof of any special class placement (Gifted, Advanced, IEP, 504, etc)

*If your child was previously enrolled (currently withdrawn) from a Wilson County School and will be returning to the district, please don’t complete the online application process. You should already have a Family Access account so you just need to contact the zoned school for instructions.

Returning Students

Returning Wilson County Students will register for the 2017-18 school year through Family Access during the Returning Student Online Registration in the month of July. Information will be posted closer to that time. Parents will be required to provide their 2 proofs of residence dated July 1, 2017 or later during registration. Please see the county website at www.wcschools.com for a list of acceptable proofs.

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