2017-2018 School Supply List

4 boxes of 24 count crayons 2 Pacon Tablet #2481, landscape,  No names on supplies, please.
2 boxes 8 count crayons  (40 sheet 10 1/2"X 8"bookstore $2 each) 6 Glue Sticks
1 box washable markers (8 or 10 ct pk) 1 journal, 5/8" ruled 2 Pkgs of #2 pencils, sharpened
1 box skinny washable markers (best purchased in school bookstore $3) 1 Pack Color Expo Dry-erase markers
(All markers and crayons   1 Pack of Multi colored highlighters
need to be primary/basic colors) 1 spiral journal 2 Boxes 24 ct Crayola crayons
20 Glue Sticks 2 Packs of cap erasers ** 4 Composition notebooks (WideRuled)
1 pair of Fiskar scissors 2 packs of construction paper ** 1 Supply box
(5"blunt end) 3 boxes 24-count crayola crayons ** Fiskars scissors 
1 small plastic school box  24 pack sharpened yellow pencils ** 3-three prong Pocket folders
1 box cap erasers 24 Glue sticks ** prefer plastic type for durability
1 pack Expo dry erase markers 1 pair of scissors (1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow)
1 pack Skinny Expo dry erase markers 1 pack of medium black binder clips**  
1 box of Magic Erasers 2 two-pocket folders (one must be red)** 4 packages of Cap Erasers
4 Hi-Liters (different colors)    
4 cans Play-Doh (Regular sized cans) Anything with ** will go into a community NO MECHANICAL PENCILS
4 spiral notebooks pool of supplies in your child's class. NO BINDERS
1 ream of white copy paper    
1 pack AstroBright colored paper **Wish List (Optional)**  
1 box sharpened Pencils Tissues  
No rolling backpacks No rolling backpacks No rolling backpacks
4 oz. Elmer's liquid glue 1 Black Expo Marker 3 book covers (paper or X-large fabric)
4 Glue Sticks 4 multicolored highlighters 4 glue sticks 
Fiskars Scissors 8 glue sticks 4 black expo markers
3 yellow highlighters (no gel) 1 pair of Fiskars sharp scissors 1 Fiskars scissors (sharp)
2 one-inch binders 1 package of 24 colored pencils 1 12-count pkg. colored pencils
2 wide-ruled composition books 2 ruled journals by Mead 2 pkgs # 2 pencils 
2 boxes 24 count Crayola Crayons (composition books, not spirals) 2 pkgs. cap erasers
1 pkg of 12 count colored pencils 1 package of 24 pencils 1 screw-on lid pencil sharpener
3 Packs of #2 Pencils (pre-sharpened) 3 Packages of cap erasers 1 (4 count) multicolor highlighter 
3 ring pencil pouch 4 red pens 1 pkg red pens
4 Packs cap erasers 2 Spiral notebooks Zippered pencil pouch 
1 pack of 2 large pink erasers 2 inch binder w/ open  (with holes for binder)
1 hand held pencil sharpener sleeve on the cover 1 (1 1/2 inch) binder
  1 Pencil pouch   2 composition books
3-hole pocket folders:NO BRADS (w/3 holes for notebook) (not spiral notebooks)
red, green, orange 6 different colored folders:    
  red, green, blue, purple,orange, yello 1 folder for Music class
1 set of earbuds  (plastic preferred with holes NO BRADS)  
(labeled in baggie with child's name) 1 package of post it notes  
No School Box needed    
  1 set of ear buds (labeled in a baggie) 1 set of ear buds (labeled in a baggie)
**Wish List (Optional)** **Wish List (Optional)**  
Disinfectant Wipes Multi-colored expo markers  
Dry Erase Markers (thin) Tissues, Hand Sanitizer  
  Non-bleach Lysol or Clorox wipes  
No rolling backpacks No rolling backpacks  
  Nurse Mandy would love to have:  
  Clorox Wipes, Lysol Spray,   
   Paper Towels, Latex Free, Band-aids,  
   Life Saver Peppermints, Germ X, Baby Wipes