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Help Our School-Recycling Projects

West Elementary participates in various programs that help us get money and items for our school.  The best part of these programs…they are FREE! Ask your neighbors, family & friends to participate & help us make a difference.

Box Tops

These are the small pink “coupons” on various Pillsbury, General Mills, Ziploc, Avery, Betty Crocker, Progresso, etc. products.  Each “coupon” is worth 10 cents.  Last year West received over $1,500  from Box Top money.  Box Tops have an expiration code, so don’t hold onto to them too long before sending them in.  

Labels for Education

These can be found on Campbell’s products, Post cereal, Bic pens, Green Giant vegetables, etc. These can be turned in for free stuff our school needs.  Labels MUST have the UPC code or they are void.

Coke Codes

Coke Rewards are now worth money for our school!  Each soda cap is worth a nickel and a 12 pack code is worth a dime to our school!  You can enter them under www.mycokerewards.com & donate them directly to West or send them into school.  Coke codes are found under the lids of Dasani water, Minute Maid Juice, Powerade, Nestea & Coke products; under the pull off tab of 12 packs & in the shrink wrap of larger packs.  

Kellogg’s Family Rewards 

Kellogg's codes found in cereal boxes, fruit snacks, Pop Tarts, etc.  Codes can redeemed for cash for our school. 

Publix Partners 

Pick up a key fob in the office.  When you shop at Publix, give the cashier your card and Publix will donate a portion of what you spend back to West.  West received over $1,200 in the past year from Publix.


Amerigas will donate a portion of your gas bill back to West.  Just send in your propane receipts.

Kroger Community Rewards

Go to https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards sign up and register your Kroger card. 

 Kroger will donate a portion of what we spend back to West.  It's that easy!



Recycling programs:

Soda tabs- 
Donated to the Ronald MacDonald House.

Cell Phones-
Redeemed for cash for our school.

Printer ink cartridges-
Redeemed for cash for our school

Colorcycle Program-
West is proud to be a part of Crayola’s new Colorcycle program.  Any marker (highlighters, dry erase, Sharpie), any brand, can be recycled for fuel! Just send those dried up markers in and we can ship them cost free back to Crayola.  One pack of markers can produce enough fuel to brew a pot of coffee or fry an egg! 

For a complete list of participating products visit: