Arrival and Dismissal

Being on time to school and class is essential for optimum teaching and learning.  When a student is tardy he/she disrupts the process for others and loses important learning time for himself/herself.  Our school day starts at 7:15 and ends at 2:15.  Students should be in their classrooms at 7:15.  Our teachers use every minute to insure that your child is getting an optimal amount of instruction each day.  Teachers have been instructed to check roll immediately following the Pledge of Allegiance, Character Counts Pledge, and moment of silence.  When your child is late, it starts their day in a rushed way and disrupts valuable learning time. 
Just some suggestions to help the traffic in the morning.
  • Leaving home earlier in the mornings would allow extra time considering the peak traffic flow.  There is little traffic from 6:45 until 7:05.  When everyone arrives at the same time near 7:15, we are having trouble getting our students safely to class on time.
  • Remember that our buses use the front entrance and students riding buses are never tardy.
  • Car riders should never be dropped off in the front of the building unless the student is tardy.  The front of the building is for buses only.
The side door will be locked at 7:15.  If the sign has been turned and staff have entered the building, students should not be allowed to exit their cars.  Parents should drive and park in a visitor's space at the front of the building and come sign in their child as tardy.  Please do not drop a student off at the side doors without a West staff member present.  Please read your child's agenda page 20 section "Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals" and page 8 "Car Rider Drop off and Pick Up."
Car Rider Safety Procedures
Here are some helpful hints for the car rider line in the mornings:
  • Leave home early enough to allow for traffic so that your child is in the building at 7:15.
  • Parents please refrain from cell phone usage as you drive through our car rider line.  We want your undivided attention on our students at all times.
  • Parents and students should give their hugs and say good-bye before the cars stop and the doors open.
  • Be sure your child has their backpack and lunchbox in hand ready to exit when the car stops.
  • Students that are old enough should open and close car doors themselves, but staff will be available to help our younger students.
  • Parents should remain in the car.  If a parent needs to get out of the car for a reason, he/she should park in a parking space in the front of the building and walk his/her child to the front office.
Drivers-Afternoon please remember the following safety procedures:
  • NO cell phones in the car line...the safety of our sweet students are more important than a phone call.
  • Please make sure any transportation changes have been reported to the office and homeroom teacher before 1:30.  This will ensure that your child is where he/she nees to be when leaving the school grounds.
  • Place the orange pick up sign with the child's name and grade in the front window to increase pick up efficiency.
  • Parents are asked NOT to get out of their cars and go get their can cause distractions, therefore leading to an accident.
  • Unexpected delays can happen, and should there be a delay getting to school to pick up your car rider, please call the front office with the information to let our staff know when to expect you.  Once all of the other car riders have been picked up the remaining students will be taken to the front office.  The office will be calling to find out when you will be arriving.
In your child's agenda you will find out more information about the county and school's transportation policy and procedures.