Read Across America Week Celebration

Monday, 2/27-Grinch Green Day
    Wear something green or a lot of green somethings.

Tuesday, 2/28-Read My Shirt Day
    Wear a shirt with words on it (school appropriate, please).

Wednesday, 3/1-Tacky Wacky Wednesday
    Wear any silly combination of clothes, layers upon layers, backward or inside-out items...anything that you think is WACKY!

Thursday, 3/2-Book Character Day
    Choose a character from any children's book, and use your creativity to turn yourself into that character.

Friday, 3/3-Whoville Hair Day
    Anything you can think to do with hair goes...dye it, gel it, braid it, band it, or wear a wig.

We will have contests all week:
  • Fish Estimation Stations
  • Seuss Hat Scavenger Hunt
  • Fill-in-the-Title Contest
  • Seussical Trivia