Library Rules & Procedures 


· To schedule a class in the library or the Library chromebooks, email Mrs. Nored AND Mrs. Hix in the library ( and In case one of us is out, we do not want to miss your request.  

· Teachers must be present with his/her students. Please make sure that they have no food or drinks.  

· Any computer problems should be turned in to the librarians with the corresponding computer number.

· According to the acceptable use policy for Wilson County Schools, students cannot play games on computers.

· Printing in the library:  To print in black and white costs $.05 a page.  Copies are $.10 a page.  Color printing is $.25 a page. If requiring your class to turn in hard copies, we can keep up with the copies and the teacher can request a transfer from BEP funds to the library account.

· Substitute teachers may not use the chromebook cart and must call the library before sending a student to use a library computer.

 · Wilson County Schools provides each student with a Google account.  Encourage students to use their Google accounts for saving their documents and retrieving them anywhere they have internet access.  

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