Construction Updates

We are excited to begin a new adventure as we begin construction on our building project!

Construction has begun on our new facilities. Below are some before pictures and current pictures of construction. 

The "hill" above the B building will be turned into a parking area.
* The foundation of the gym has been laid and work on the parking lot on the hill will soon be completed, with steps from the parking lot to the front of the B building finished in a few weeks. 

* When construction is moved near the center of the campus, car riders will be loaded and unloaded at the top of the hill. You will be notified prior to this happening. 

* Plans are already underway to have staff at different locations for safety reasons. The road exiting the B building will be closed for a period of time. If you pick your child up early or need access to B building you must exit the parking lot the way you entered, staying on the right.

Our Chromebooks have arrived!

We are excited to be moving one step closer to having all our technology in place.

These fine young men volunteered to help bring them into the building when they were delivered, and we appreciate their assistance!

Our fifth grade helpers were

Bret Price, Lucas Summers, Evan Saddler, Bentley Sweeton,

Ethan Hall, Braxton Crook, Jaxon Parsons, and Isaiah Groves!