TVOLS Handbook

Enrollment Procedures
  1. Review the TVOLS 2017-18 Course Offerings
  2. Download and complete the TVOLS 2017-18 Enrollment form
  3. Submit your completed enrollment form to Audrey Harrington at
Attendance Policy
  • All students attending TVOLS are expected to actively participate in their classes every day.  Consistent progress is important in an online environment.  Continued enrollment in TVOLS will require continued progress in all courses.
  • Should a situation arise that a student will be absent (not online) from their online course(s) for a period exceeding two days and will not be actively participating in their scheduled classes, a parent/guardian must notify the TVOLS office at 615-443-2681.  The TVOLS office will notify the student's instructor(s).
  • Students who do not actively participate in their scheduled classes after five (5) consecutive days will receive a phone call notifying their parent/guardian of their inactivity.  After five consecutive days of inactivity and/or inadequate communication from the student or parent/guardian, a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating concern of a truant situation.

    After ten (10) consecutive days of inactivity and/or inadequate communication from the student or parent/guardian, any student seventeen years of age and under will be considered truant and will be report to the proper authorities in the student's district school.

  • TVOLS sets high expectations for the success of its students.  We are committed to meeting the needs of all students and will work tirelessly to facilitate student success.  To maintain instructional momentum, students are required to submit assignments in their course(s) on a daily basis and to maintain regular contact with their instructors.

    Any student who does not make progress in their course for a period of ten (10) days and has not made prior arrangements with his/her instructor will be referred to the TVOLS administration to attempt to reconnect the student with the course instructor. The TVOLS administration will attempt to reconnect the student and parent/guardian with the course instructor(s) to create a Personal Learning Plan for the student.

    Within the first ten (10) days of the course, the Lead Student Coordinator and/or Lab Facilitator, in cooperation with the student's online teacher(s) and parents, will dismiss the student if the student is not making adequate progress and is not viewed as being successful in the online course(s).  If a student doesn't complete a course or drops after the ten days, the student will be removed from the virtual class and re-assigned to his/her zoned school.  Students withdrawn for non-participation will not be refunded any enrollment fees, including registration fees.

Grading Procedures
  • Assignments are graded just as they are in a traditional school setting.  In the online environment, some assignments are graded automatically by the courseware system.  Other assignments are graded manually by the instructor.  The student will receive regular comments, feedback and suggestions from the instructor on submitted assignments.  There is a gradebook within the course for the student or parent to review the student's progress/grades at any time.  Assignments and course grades for TVOLS courses are calculated using the same grading scale as approved by Wilson County Schools. Grade information and feedback from the instructor regarding a student's progress in the course(s) are distributed to parents, students and school personnel through weekly progress reports.
TVOLS Acceptable Use Policy
  • All TVOLS students will follow the Wilson County Schools Board's Acceptable Use Policy. Each student and parent should review and have a complete understanding of this policy prior to signing and submitting a request for enrollment with TVOLS. The Wilson County School District's Acceptable Use Policy may be found by visiting the Wilson County Schools website at and clicking the Student and Document links, or by clicking here if viewed online.
Code of Conduct