Who we are

Tennessee Virtual Online School is a public, fully accredited, comprehensive Tennessee K-12 online school which offers standards based courses that are instructor-led, highly interactive and written to Tennessee State Standards and Common Core Standards. Tennessee Virtual Online School (TVOLS) is a digital learning environment developed by the Wilson County School Board of Education to provide innovative, alternative educational opportunities to students outside of the traditional school environment. 

 do we serve?

The student body is composed of two student categories: (1) part-time students who are enrolled in other schools within the district and take one or more courses not offered within their zoned school and (2) full-time students whose school day is completed virtually, beyond brick and mortar. 
Although the majority of students are in high school, TVOLS also offers courses to students at the elementary and middle school levels. 

Students report to class at a computer, anytime of the day or night whenever their schedule allows. All students are required to submit their weekly assignments on every Friday.   Attendance will be determined by the percentage of work completion for the week. TVOLS follows Wilson County Schools' calendar and policies.

TVOLS is a school of choice for students who are professional athletes (rodeo champions), performers (singers, models, actors), authors, 
academically gifted, and/or 
students suffering mental and social anxieties.  We serve populations of students who are adjudicated youth, young parents, battle substance abuse, have mental and physically struggles, are in economic and social distress, have Asperger's Syndrome, and students who have various levels and types of disabilities. Our enrollment is for students looking for an alternative setting to the traditional 'brick and mortar' classroom.  It is an acceptable surrogate for students better equipped for the parent facilitated home-school type atmosphere.  Our journey has been the ability to serve an inspiring population of young people who redefine courage and perseverance. Our students and parents are "survivors" and are looking for a more suitable fit both educationally and socially. We also serve a growing population of young people who are accelerated learners looking for opportunities to enhance their learning experience by taking honors and Advanced Placement classes. These high performing students can meet these goals in TVOLS flexible and personalized environment. 

We are also proud to serve a growing population of young people who are accelerated learners looking for opportunities to enhance their learning experience by taking honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Our commitment

Our school sets itself apart from other schools (both traditional and virtual) through our commitment to personalize a student's educational experience. A common misconception is that virtual schools have limited or no interaction with students, but the  opposite is true at Tennessee Virtual Online School. We have a unique opportunity to work with students - not just by providing  assignments or support based on required curriculum, but also engaging them in individual, personalized learning opportunities that meet their  needs. The dedication of students, parents, teachers, staff and a strong partnership with prominent virtual curriculum providers have made TVOLS a solid program that continues to grow to meet the needs of students in our community. 

Advantages of TVOLS
  • You, as a TVOLS student, remain a full time student of the Wilson County School District. 

  • You, as a TVOLS student, still have state assessments arranged for you and facilitated by the Wilson County School District. You will just need to make arrangements for transportation to the testing facility on designated testing days for either state assessments or online course final exams. This is typically less than ten days per year. 

  • You, as a TVOLS student, have the opportunity to work online on your own schedule (24 hours a day/7 days a week) as long as you meet the requirements of progressing consistently in the course(s) by signing in daily and complete all assigned work on the schedule. Students enrolled in a course utilizing distance learning practices may be required to log on at specific times. 

  • You, as a TVOLS student, have opportunities to improve your technical, communication, time management, and organizational skills in a manner that students only taking traditional courses do not. 

  • You, as a TVOLS student, have an opportunity to become better prepared for online courses you may take in the future as a college student or employee.  Students taking TVOLS courses in high school enter college with experience in online learning, therefore having an advantage over students who do not.
  • You, as a TVOLS student, can earn AP (Advanced Placement) and Dual Enrollment credits.

Where are we located?

The school is headquartered in the district's Teacher Training and Resource Center, 308 W High St, which is centrally located for Wilson County residents in Lebanon, Tennessee. This facility has large conference rooms and a robust, interactive 30 station computer lab for student activities, hands-on student assistance as well as student orientations and parent meetings. 

In addition to TVOLS five full time faculty members, TVOLS utlizes a mixture of teachers employed by the district and those who are contracted to teach one or more courses; some teach in both the traditional classroom and one or more digital classes, and others are contracted to teach outside of their regular school duties.  All courses are taught by highly qualified, licensed Tennessee educators. 

Our school redesigns a traditional classroom setting into an interactive, online classroom environment utilizing cost-effective technologies that when infused together offer an economical, feasible virtual school program.