School Policies

 A strength of any school district is the joint effort of parents and staff to establish and maintain high expectations for all areas of student growth and development. To this end, we are pleased to provide you with a Wilson County Schools Student Handbook for the 2016-17 school year. This handbook is provided to help parents and students have useful information regarding policies and procedures of our district. Please take the time to review the handbook and help your student(s) understand the expectations and many supports available to them at their school. Close communication between home and school supports the best interests of each student. We are committed, as a district, to providing our students with a safe, structured school environment and our parents with all of the support and information needed to ensure the success of our children. After reviewing the handbook with your student, feel free to contact us if have any questions or concerns.  If you need additional information, please visit the district website at
Please click here to see our current Computer Use Policy.
Please click here to see our current Student Agenda, Code of Conduct, and Assessment Schedule.


The Wilson County School System does not discriminate due to age, race, color, gender, national origin, disability, religion, creed, or veteran status in the provision of services, in programs or activities, or in employment opportunities or benefits.  The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in educational programs.  Translation services are available at each school and at the Central Office.  Inquiries concerning Title VI or Title IX of the Civil Rights Acts should be directed to Chuck Whitlock at 615- 444-3282.  Inquiries concerning Section 504 should be directed to Dawn Bradley at 615-444-3282.  Inquiries concerning the American with Disabilities Act should be directed to Mickey Hall at 615-444-3282. 


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