Student Registration

New Student Registration for 2016/17
All new students will need 2 current proof of residence dated after July 1, 2016, (must have parent name and address on the item) and an updated Tennessee Immunization form. Students that have never been enrolled in a Wilson County school will also need a certified birth certificate, Social Security card (requested), proof of a physical exam within 1 year of the enrollment day (August 1, 2015 or later) and custody papers if applicable.

Please note: If your child has been in a Wilson County school you will not need to place an application in the Skyward program but you will need a registration appointment in Sign Up Genius.

If this is the first time your child will be in a Wilson County school you will need to also place an application in the Skyward program which is on the Wilson County Schools web page under "Parents: New Student Enrollment". The application in Skyward needs to be done prior to coming to your appointment at Stoner Creek. Please bring all the necessary documents with you when you come to our school for your appointment.

Skyward-New Student Online Enrollment

Returning Students Registration for 2016/17
Returning SCE students will register for the 2016/2017 school year online using their family access account in Skyward. Registration online is open July 5-20th. 
Online Registration step-by-step directions are located at the bottom of this page. 

Families will be required to provide the school with 2 proofs of residency dated after July 1, 2016. 

Wilson County Schools

Proof of Residency

The Primary custodial parent or guardian shall provide two (2) documents that are original (i.e. not a photocopy), recent (dated within the last 30 days), and include the current name and street address of the parent or legal guardian’s primary residency. 

  1. Legal document/lease showing proof of residency for specific address (Notary public or typed/hand written letters from the land owner is not accepted);
  2. Motor vehicle registration with current address;
  3. Current bill assigned to specific address – electric, gas, water, landline telephone (cell phone bill not accepted);
  4. Current bank statement with current address;
  5. Current employment record (example most recent check stub with home address);
  6. Place of registration for voting;
  7. Tennessee Driver’s License with current address;
  8. Tennessee ID with current address; or
  9. Documentation from Tennessee Department of Human/Children’s Services for benefits with the current address. 

The Attendance Director may verify a student’s residency at any time during the school year.  During any such investigation the child shall continue to attend school.


Parents or guardians who use a fraudulent address for enrollment may be subject to restitution to the school district or other costs or fees under Tennessee Law (TCA § 49-6-3003).

If you are having difficulty verifying your address for transportation, you must call the Transportation Department at 615-443-2622 in order to make additions or adjustments. 

Jennifer Yokom-Brown,
Jul 19, 2016, 8:19 AM