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Please make sure that your child is able to remember and accurately type in their cafeteria code! For your convenience, click here to see a practice sheet that you can use at home!

We are very excited to introduce the new “Grab & Go Breakfast” program at Stoner Creek!  Grab & Go Breakfast will allow more students the opportunity to start their day out right with a healthy breakfast by reducing the amount of time they spend in the serving line.  The students will continue to  enjoy a wide variety of healthy, delicious entrees with the convenience of self serve!  As always,  the students will be able to choose either an entrée (items will be prepackaged) or cereal with toast, a choice of fruit/fruit juice item, and a variety of cold milk.  Per the USDA requirements, all students must take at least ½ cup of fruit in order for the meal to qualify as a breakfast.  Students choosing not to take a serving of fruit will be charged ala carte pricing for the items they have selected.  We encourage all children to eat a complete, healthy breakfast.   The Grab & Go Breakfast menu is available on the Stoner Creek website, along with the lunch menu and other important café information.    

Breakfast Menu - Scroll down to bottom of this screen.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices 2015-16


Student Breakfast = $1.25
Reduced Breakfast = .30
Wilson County Employee Breakfast = $1.35
Adult Visitor Breakfast = $2.50
Youth Visitor Breakfast = $1.75


Elementary Lunch = $1.75
Middle & High School Lunch = $1.75
Student Reduced Lunch = .40
Wilson County Employee Lunch = $2.50
Learning Center Student Lunch = $2.50
Adult Visitor Lunch = $3.25
Youth Visitor Lunch = $2.50

Stoner Creek Elementary School recently enjoyed “Watermelon Day!” in the cafeteria.  Students and Staff were treated to delicious watermelon wedges at lunch and all students received a variety of fun watermelon themed promotional items, including stickers, coloring books, recipe cards, mazes, and fact sheets.  As a reward for everyone learning their lunch numbers, Ms. Byrum & Mrs. Wades Kindergarten class was chosen to receive a special in-class taste testing and learned some fun facts about watermelon!  Students learned that watermelon is both a fruit AND a vegetable, and that you can actually eat the rind of the watermelon.   Ms. Byrum demonstrated by eating her watermelon wedge, rind and all!  J It was a fun and tasty day for everyone!  


Cafeteria Manager: Tracey Hunter
Cat KeesFood Service
George, MaryjaneFood Service
Gomez, UbaFood Service
Hunter, TraceyCafé Manager
Massey, LindaMonitor
Meehan, RobinFood Service
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