Transportation & Buses

2016/2017 SCE Bus Info

If you are having difficulty verifying your address for transportation, you must call the Transportation Department at 615-443-2622 in order to make additions or adjustments. 

Stoner Creek Transportation Procedures

  • Car-Riders A.M- Front doors open at 6:45 am.  For the safety of your child, please stay in your designated lane. A staff member at the crosswalk will direct traffic once ALL children are out and clear of their vehicle and on the sidewalk.  Front doors lock at 7:15 a.m.  ALL students need to be in their classrooms at 7:15.  If you arrive later than 7:15, please park your car and sign your child in at the main office.  
  • Car Riders P.M.- For your child’s safety,  in order to ensure that your child gets into the correct car, please make sure you have a blue car-rider card.  Your child will be issued a blue car tag. If you need extra cards, please let your child’s teacher know and we will be more than happy to send them home with your child.  Please understand that parents are no longer allowed to park, get out of their vehicle, and pick up their child from the car line.  This is for your child’s safety. If you or your child has an appointment or other obligations after school, please try to time your wait time accordingly.  We no longer allow parents to wait in the main lobby for their child. This is for your child’s safety.  Please stay in the car-rider line. We realize that the lines get long on certain days, so please be patient as new parents become accustomed to our traffic flow.  Also, please use caution in the afternoon  when driving around the curve toward our school. 
  • P.M. Dismissal- The main office is our communication hub for all bus radios and telephones.  It is imperative that we focus on dismissal to contact the proper people if a need arises or to make contact to others throughout the building. If you have afternoon dismissal changes, please call the main office before 1:30PM.
  • A.M. Arrival-  If you choose to park your car, please use the front crosswalk.  For the safety of your child, please do not cross through car-rider traffic.  If your child needs help taking items to the classroom, please drop them off at the main office.  We will make sure that the items get delivered for you.
  • BUS- please visit to find your child’s bus number.  It will also tell you approximate pick-up and drop-off time.  You can easily find it by following these steps:
    • Click  “Parents”
    • Transportation
    • Bus Route Look-Up
    • Wilson County School District Bus Routes
    • Enter Information for Steps 1-3
    • Find Transportation Info