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Student Drop off and Dismissal Procedures

The following Student Drop off and Dismissal Procedures are in place for the safety of each and every one of our student at Rutland. 


Pre-K students:   

·          7:30am – drop off  at the Pre-K side door (before 7:30, parents/guardians must enter through the front of the building and remain in the lobby area until the class is open)

·         1:30pm – pick up (from the side door of Pre-K room)


Bus Lane ONLY (front of the building) – No student drop off or pick up unless tardy or early dismissal

·         6:45am-7:15am – drop off students

·         2:15pm – loading students


Day Care (front side – Bus Lane)

·         2:00pm – pick up


Car Riders:  (back of the building … follow the transportation plan) Parents are to stay in their vehicles and students will be assisted by teachers and staff.

·         6:45am-7:15am – drop off in the car rider line only

·         2:15pm-2:30pm – pick up in the car rider line only


Walkers: (back of the building- students are in the gym)

·         6:45am-7:15am – drop off  to the back door up the side walk (an adult needs to be present when the child is walking along the sidewalk near the road)

·         2:05pm-2:15pm – walking parent/guardian  pick up is at the back door (students will be called)


Kid’s Club (back of the K-2 building and the west side of 3-5 building)

·         6:00am-6:45am – drop off

·         2:30pm-6:00pm – pick up