We hope that you will enjoy dining with your child during this school year! 

Changes have been made to provide a safe and secure dining environment for your child.

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MJE Cafeteria Policy 
Pricing (All prices subject to change.)    
  • Breakfast- A small breakfast may be purchased between 6:45 a.m. and 7:10 a.m. for $1.25, unless students qualify for free or reduced meals, at which time they may use their accounts.  Students desiring breakfast should unload from the buses and go to the cafeteria.   
  • School lunch is $1.75 per day. Your child may (1) bring money each day, or (2) bring money for multiple days to put on a cafeteria account, or (3) parents may use Parent Online.    
  • AIa carte items range in price from $.50 to $1.00 and include drinks, low fat ice cream, low fat chips, fruit snacks, etc. Extra cartons of milk may be purchased for $.50 each.  An extra entree is $1.25. Money in an account will be carried over, week to week, until it is spent.    
If your child in grades K-2 needs to bring money to school, please place it  in an envelope with the child's name, the teacher's name, and the amount written on the outside of the envelope. 
  Outside Food   
  • We require a doctor's note on file for children who have food/peanut allergies.    
  • If you pack a lunch for your child, please keep in mind your child should be able to safely open everything you pack. Pop-top cans, glass, etc. are sharp and can cut young fingers. We highly recommend that you pack foods in safe containers.Children open containers at their own risk. 
  • No classroom meals except school lunch should be served during scheduled lunch time.
  • Please beware that we may have students with food allergies.     
WCS Parent Online Meal Payments Option 1
  • Accounts may be paid with checks or cash. 
  • Checks should be written with black ink and made for the exact amount to be placed in the account. Please write child's name and lunch acct. on the memo line of the check. If you have multiple children, please write all of their names on the memo line. If your child has a different last name, please write his/her last name, too. The cafeteria will not accept checks the last two weeks of school. Parents may send money for a week, month, or longer. 
  • Parent Online is a safe and secure way for parents to make online payments and view meal account activity for their children. To set up an account, log on to which allows parents to prepay for their child's meals using a credit card and also receive e-mail notice when a child's account balance is low. If children bring money daily, it is their responsibility to keep up with it until lunch.
  • You may put restrictions on your child's account as to when they can buy La Carte items. Please send a note to your child's teacher and the Cafeteria Manager with your request.   

Having Lunch with Your Child
You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child.  Please sign in as a visitor and wait in the front lobby or at the lunchroom door until your child's class arrives.  The cost of lunch for an adult visitor is $3.25 and a sibling/child visitor is $2.50. Parents should encourage positive behavior and good manners. We encourage our MJE students to demonstrate acceptable behavior. Parents should not address personal discipline issues with other children. They may bring issues to the attention of the principals, classroom teachers, and monitors. In order to teach independence, parents should say good bye near the lobby rather than walking back to class with their child. Please do not walk your student back to their classroom or walk the hall. It can cause disruptions for our other classrooms.   

  • In order to provide a safe and secure dining environment for your child, we follow the following school cafeteria procedures: 
  • Only you and your child are allowed to eat on the outside patio.
  • When eating outside, please dispose of trash items in the designated area. 
  • No photos, of any kind, may be taken of students. 
  • When bringing treats for your child's birthday, please limit your treats to your child's class.
  • Parents may dine with only their child at the designated "Visitor" tables at the end of each row of class assigned tables.