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             Transportation Policy and Procedures can be found in your Student Agenda  
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Officer Hudgens'--Reminders for MJE's Car Rider Driver

It is a pleasure to work with all of the students and staff at our school. In order to maintain safety and organization, I would like to take the time to try and help make the drop off in the mornings and pick up in the afternoons a little more smooth and expedient. 
  1. All Drivers- Please be aware that we have a School Crossing Guard. She is here to regulate traffic, stops vehicular traffic to permit safe crossing, notifies supervisor of defective lights, and reports incidents of traffic violations. Days where the visibility is limited and weather conditions are wet, please remember she is still out there for you and  your child’s safety. 
  2. Mornings Car-rider Drivers- in the back of the school, if everyone would pull all the way down to the end before we get your child out of your vehicle, we are able to move everyone through a lot quicker and smoother. There are so many vehicles in the line waiting each morning, that stopping right at the entrance causes less children to be able to be dropped off and has caused some children to even be late to the classroom. 
  3. For the safety of the children, we have always asked that the parents stay in the vehicle and do not get out loading or unloading your child. We have a number of teachers and staff that are outside specifically just to help your child get in and out of the vehicle. 
  4. Another area of concern is that some people have been driving down Division Street and doing a U-Turn in the middle of the road or into the entrance of the school. This is dangerous and against the law, (Turning movements TCA 55-8-141), and could also cause an accident. Not only is this not legal, but there are people that have been in line and waiting their turn. 

Questions and Answers about Transportation

1) How do I find information about my student's bus transportation?

A-- Please go to the Wilson County's transportation site.Bus Route Look Up

2) How do I make a student’s transportation change for the day?

A--We do not encourage changes in transportation; however we do understand that things come up. Before you can make changes, all transportation options must have been completed on the student's registration form that we have on file.

These were the questions asking…
1.  "Will your child ride the school bus? Bus Number".
2.  "Will your child ride a daycare van? Daycare: Phone #"
3.  "Others authorized to pick up your child: Name: Relationship: Phone #"

If these questions have been completed, you may call and leave a message with your student's homeroom teacher. It is best to call before 1:00 pm that day. This will allow the teacher to check with the student's information on file. If we see that there is any concern or question, they will have time to confirm that the changes for transportation.

3)  What do I need to do; if I need to change who may pick my student from school or need to make other transportation changes that are different from what is listed on the original  registration form on file?
 A-- You student's safety is very importation to us. A new registration form may be turned in with the new changes for your student. We must have this form from the primary guardian and be allowed to confirm the information before we will allow a change in transportation.

4) What if there is an emergency and I need to make a temporary transportation change-- to a different bus stop for my child, daycare, relative, or friend’s home, what do I do?
A-- The primary guardian should submit a written request to school's principal or assistant principal for the emergency change in transportation. There needs to be a reason as to why the change, the name of the adult/daycare that will be taking on the responsibility of the student. The principal may or may not issue the approval and sign the request. A copy may then be giving to the parties that need a copy of the approval. 
1. The student's homeroom teacher;
2. The bus driver or Wilson County Transportation Department;
3. The daycare agency;
4. The primary guardian.

5)  What should we do if we moved during the school year?
A-- The primary guardian will need to complete a new registration form, provide 2 new proof of residency with the correct address and submit it to the school's administration. This will allow us to make sure that the student will be on the correct bus, be attending the correct school and that the newest information is on file for the safety of your student. If the address is not correct or is not updated, the district, school and transportation cannot be held responsible for the location a child is picked up or dropped off . 

6)  What do I do if the bus is consistently late or does not stop at the assigned district bus stop?
A-- Please contact WCBOE Transportation at 615-443-2622, to discuss your concern and to receive resolution. In the beginning of the school year, you may experience some delays. Transportation will update any or all changes on the WCBOE transportation's department website.

7)  The bus did not drop off or show up on time for my child. How long should he or she wait at the stop?
A-- If the bus is late-we asked that you wait at least 5 minutes before calling the school or the transportation department. Buses have been known to leave the school late because of a delay about a student's transportation change, or have other issues like a possible break down, roads are blocked, drivers become ill or have emergencies, but the bus will still on its normal route and will stop at every stop. We ask that in the mornings, please have your student at their assigned bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the regular arrival time of the bus. If there is a substitute driver, the times may not be absolutely consistent with the regular times. --ask your child to remain at the stop for no longer then 10 minutes after that, please call the transportation office.

8)  My child left an item such as a coat, lunch, glasses, electronic device, books on the bus. How does the student get it back?
A-- Our drivers check their buses after every run. Should an items be left on a bus by students, the driver will try and bring it back to the school. Please understand that our buses run routes for all schools, and they cannot always bring something directly back to your student's school. It is important to make sure that your student's name, if possible, is on all personal school belongings and items. Unfortunately, if there is no name on the forgotten item it is harder to get it back to the correct person. Drivers will also bring items to the schools office and those items will be placed in the school's lost and found. 

9)  What do I do when school is letting out early because of "Inclement Weather"?

A-- At the beginning of the school year, teachers sent home a form for Inclement Weather transportation changes. Please check with your student's homeroom teacher if you find that you need to make changes to that specific form.
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