The curriculum at Mt. Juliet Middle School meets all the standards as outlined by

Tennessee Department of Education.

Sixth Grade Curriculum

6th Grade Math Standards

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6th Grade Science Standards

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Seventh Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Math Standards

7th Grade Social Studies Standards

7th Grade Science Standards

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Eighth Grade Curriculum

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8th Grade Social Studies Standards

8th Grade Science Standards

8th Grade Language Standards

Special Education

The special education department services the needs of any student identified with a learning disability. Programs such as direct resource services, mainstreamed inclusion classes and monthly consult with students in the regular education program. Students also have available to them occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, deaf education, blind education and educational assistants, as needed.

Exploratory Subjects 2010-2011


6th grade Agriculture is a 9 week overview of Agriculture. We will cover the areas of agriculture in our daily lives, agribusiness, agriculture mechanics, animal science, natural resource management, horticulture and landscape management, and the FFA’s role in agriculture.

7th grade Agriculture is a semester long course with an in depth study of agriculture in our daily lives, agribusiness, agriculture mechanics, animal science, natural resource management, horticulture and landscape management, and the FFA’s role in agriculture. We will cover topics such as: careers in agriculture and agribusiness, small engine repair, large and small animals, wildlife species, greenhouse plants, hydroponics, animal health, and the history of the FFA just to name a few.

8th grade Agriculture Mechanics is a semester long course with an in depth study of agriculture mechanics, agribusiness, agriculture in our daily lives, and the FFA’s role in agriculture. We will cover topics such as: safe use of tools, small engine repair, building methods used in agriculture, careers in ag mechanics, changed in agriculture over the last 200 years, and the benefits of FFA.

8th grade Agriculture Horticulture is a semester long course with an in depth study of horticulture, natural resource management, agribusiness, animal science, agriculture in our daily lives, and the FFA’s role in agriculture. We will cover topics such as: landscape design, green house management, careers in natural resources, importance of animal health, record keeping practices, and the benefits of the FFA.

National Archery School Program (NASP)

The National Archery School Program is designed to keep students in school and to encourage good attendance. The archery program develops positive thinking, leadership and learning skills. The rewards of being a skilled archer are leadership, self discipline, and the use of archery skills. The biggest reward is during the archery tournament when an archer can be a leader for their school, archery team, and an individual winner. The archer can win a team and individual trophy and an individual chance to win a college scholarship.

Archery students are taught archery skills, parts of an arrow, parts of a bow, and the correct eleven point systems stance. The archer would learn direction for safety on and off the archery court, about archery organizations that could possibly lead to Olympic shooting, and the history of archery or bow making and shooting.


6th grade Art is an introduction to mediums sampler: watercolor, drawing, collage, wire sculpture, etc. The focus of the class is “time spent on task, plus creativity equals craftsmanship”.

7th grade Art focuses on Paleolithic Art to The Impressionist and the history of the human body in art. The mediums are varied.

8th grade Art focuses on painting, architecture, and screen printing in regards to 20th Century art. There will be a major project in this class.

Cultural Studies

This will be a class that observes and studies the culture of various countries. We will look at the people, region, experience, beliefs and values. In this class we will break down the culture of certain countries and specific areas within these countries. There will be history background as well as present time.

Students will have presentations over these areas. Students will also present the culture and cook food from the local areas.

Interpersonal Communications

Interpersonal Communications is a specialized course designed to focus on communications within the areas of personal life, family life, community and workplace. The role of communication in establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships is emphasized. Communication skills and core skills in decision making, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, technology, and workplace readiness practiced in this course will empower students to function effectively as a member of a rapidly changing global community. Students will apply skills learned when participating in integrated service learning experiences. This involvement in the community will help students network with adults and establish themselves as valuable resources and community assets. Students will learn to utilize skills in this course in simulated debates and job interviews.


Students will be divided into subgroups that correlate to the jobs they have on the newspaper. Some of the experiences students will encounter may be: puzzle making, photography, photo editing, cartoonist, editorial writers, article writers, supervisors, sales and advertising. Production of the newspaper will not be the sole focus. There will be intermittent days mixed in to study other forms of journalism, critique previous staff work, and to do other activities to help solidify the class as a working staff.


This course is designed to introduce the healthcare profession. Health careers, career success, leadership development, nutrition, diet therapy, safety measures, and CPR are just some of the topics that may be explored.


6th grade Multi-Media is a nine week course where students will use technology to create and edit an illustrated book of creative writings. Students will use PowerPoint to create and present a sales pitch for an imaginary product to sell. Students will research an environmentally friendly topic to create a spreadsheet and chart in Excel. Students will improve their keyboarding skills with the use of the Alphabetic portion of Micro Type Pro.

7th grade Multi-Media is a semester long course where students will research an environmentally friendly topic to create a spreadsheet and chart in Excel. Students will create, edit, and illustrate a creative writing book of short stories and poetry. Students will choose one of their short stories and write it in script form. They will then practice and audio tape their play and play it back for the class. Students will also improve their keyboarding skills with the use of the Skillbuilding and Numeric Keypad sections of Micro Type Pro.

8th grade Multi-Media is a semester long course and is combined with the Document Design class. Students will create and edit a short story based on an environmentally friendly “Super-Hero”. They will then transform this story into a comic book using either Paint software or original artwork to be scanned into the book. Working in teams, students will create a publishing house with a logo and business cards for themselves as either CEO or the editor. They will submit their comic books for publication to their publishing house. Working in teams, students will submit to the teacher an original script for a play with the subject matter based upon a social topic the students have cleared with the teacher. They will rehearse the parts and then film and edit the play with flip cameras. Students will improve their keyboarding skills with the use of the Numeric Keyboarding and Skillbuilding sections of Micro Type Pro.

LEAD (Learn, Evaluate And Direct)

This course will be a study of leaders, both past and present, and the discovery of virtuous characteristics commonly found in positive leadership. Students will study:

  • Examples of historical and present day leaders.
  • Common virtues necessary for positive leadership
  • The importance of leadership in society.
  • Leaders and the issues that define them.
  • The importance of “Work Ethic” in developing a leader.
  • Youth and leadership.

This course description is not all inclusive but gives a general oversight of the topics to be researched. The subject matter will be under constant scrutiny to be sure it is applicable to the age group. Topics will be expanded as needed or reduced if not applicable.

Strength and Conditioning Class

The goal of the strength and conditioning class will be to improve the overall physical health of the students in the class while contributing to improved self esteem and self image and an overall better quality of life. The primary focus of the class will be teaching proper lifting and conditioning techniques along with proper nutrition to ensure the best possible improvements to their overall quality of life.

Teen Living

This course will prepare students to begin their journey toward becoming independent, productive citizens. The curriculum will include sections for 5 units of study that are essential for ALL students:

  • Life, fashion, and careers
  • Financial Literacy
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Human Development
  • Relationships

It is the aim of this course that all students increase their ability to act responsibly and productively, work cooperatively, apply concepts of balancing school/work and family, create solutions to critical and emergent issues, utilize technology effectively in personal and family settings, and maintain healthy lifestyles. This course will provide bridges needed by all students to deal with life issues.

Physical Education

Physical Education classes will encourage physical activity and positive body concepts.

6th Grade Band

The Beginner Band classes are open to all students and will teach them how to read music, help them choose an appropriate instrument, and teach them the fundamental skills needed to play that instrument. The beginners will perform on the December, Spring (March), and end of the year (May) concerts.

7th and 8th Grade Band

Advanced band, opened to only 7th-8th graders with prior band experience, continues with the teaching of fundamentals and begins preparation for auditions and high school band. The Advanced band performs in the stands at home football games, and on four concerts; the same three mentioned above, plus a Veteran's Day Concert in November. These students are allowed to audition for honor bands and have the option to perform with the High School Marching Band and traveling to several out-of-state competitions each fall.


The goal of chorus class is to make each student a better singer and musician. The students learn proper singing technique and various methods of music reading that allows each of them, regardless of experience, to find success. Through quality repertoire and age appropriate literature, the students begin to experience music-making, not just singing. The students learn how to conduct themselves on stage while performing and off-stage as good and respectful listeners. The students are exposed to all types of music from jazz to opera whether by listening, watching, researching, and/or attending shows and concerts. By the end of the year each student will hopefully have gained a new appreciation for music and singing, but most importantly, a new appreciation for themselves.

Gifted Programs

SEEK - Students Exploring and Extending Knowledge

Tutoring and After School Assistance
Many teachers offer after school assistance and tutoring to assist students in their academics.