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Senior Picture Information

Good Afternoon Parents & Guardians!


If you want your student pictured in their senior yearbook or on the graduating composite, please read below and schedule your photography appointment before 8/7/17.


Some important things to remember…

1.       Only portraits submitted by Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits will be used in the formal or casuals sections of the yearbook. Personal photos or ones provided by other professional or non—professional photographers can only be printed in the ads section.

2.       Pictures must be taken BY 8/7/17. This is earlier than previous years so please plan ahead.

3.       There is no sitting fee for the basic yearbook requirements – a formal pose and a causal one. Other options with additional casuals shots and packages are available.  

4.       You can schedule now! Book  your session at www.prestigeportraits.com, click on locations and schedule now or call 1-877-689-4057 to book via phone. Just for your information – Gallatin will have more urban locations available and Smyrna has lots of outside options to choose from.


I have also attached the senior salute form for next year’s book. We are not currently accepting orders in person or online because we won’t close this year’s financials until May, but we wanted to share with you the information so that you can plan accordingly. Thank you in advance for supporting our program. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Ms. Turner
Yearbook Advisor