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German State Competition Awards

Goethe Bowl:  1st in State:  German Levels 1 & 2:
**This is the first team who has never missed a question! They got 40 questions entirely right,
and the crowd gasped.**
Margaret Adkins, Ethan Roberts, Regan Ingalls, Joseph Donohue
Goethe Bowl:  2nd in State: German Levels 3 & 4:
**This was a difficult round which addressed politics and modern events.  Impressive.**
Samantha McKinley, Olivia Gaston, Duncan McCampbell, Hannah Hagans
Spelling Bee:  1st in State:  German Levels 1 & 2:
Ethan Roberts, Regan Ingalls, Taylor Marvel, Megan Phillips
Spelling Bee:  Honorable Mention:  German Levels 3 & 4:
**This team tied for finals against MBA but was defeated as our team had 3 people, theirs had 4**
Duncan McCampbell, Harley Pendleton, Brendan Parish
Poetry Recitation: 3rd in State: German Level 2:  Regan Ingalls, "Mein blaues Klavier" by Else Lasker-Schüler
Skit: 1st in State: German Levels 1 & 2:  "Romeo gegen Julia" 
Gideon Garcia, Becca Reynolds, Joseph Donohue, Samantha McKinley, Matthew Bochniak (actors)
Script written by Ethan Roberts
Music: 3rd in State: German Level 3:  "I'm Yours":  Duncan McCampbell
Video: 1st in State: German Level 2: "Mount Juliet":  Amber Shugart (director) & Brendan Parish (editor)
Baking: Sweet:  2nd in State: German Level 2:  Taylor Marvel
Baking: Savory:  3rd in State: German Level 2:  Joseph Grah
Baking: Savory: 2nd in State: German Level 2:  Margaret Adkins
Baking: Savory: 1st in State: German Level 2:  Taylor Marvel
Extemporaneous Speaking: 3rd in State: Level 2:  Margaret Adkins
Extemporaneous Speaking: 2nd in State: Level 2:  Hannah Hagans