About MJHS

Welcome to Mount Juliet High School, home of the Golden Bears!

Alma Mater

On Mount Juliet's southern border, reared against the sky.
Proudly stands our Alma Mater, as the years go by.
Forward ever be our watchword, conquer and prevail.
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater.
Mount Juliet ALL HAIL!

The city of Mount Juliet is located approximately ten miles east of Nashville with a population of 28,000.  Mt. Juliet High School is an accredited four year high school in the Wilson County School System.  The average enrollment is over 2000.  The school follows a 4X4 block schedule with one credit earned per course; students have potential to earn 8 credits per year.  The certified staff at Mt. Juliet High School is composed of five administrators, five school counselors, 1 STARS counselor, two media specialists, one graduation coach, and 125 teachers including 14 special education teachers. Additional staff members include two school resource officers and 22 classified employees.
Mt. Juliet High School is proud to offer over 25 different sports, more than 60 clubs, and many other extracurricular activities and community service activities. Participation enriches each student’s educational experience and strengthens our school community. Opportunities include student government, honor societies, academic clubs, yearbook, unplugged gamers, and much, much more.

Approximately 94% of graduates from Mount Juliet High School pursue further education, not including 4% that join the military.  The Class of 2016 students are attending Public Institutes, Private Colleges, and Technical Colleges across the country.  Students from the Class of 2016 were offered in excess of $19,000,000 to attend post-secondary education.