1. How do I sign my child out of school early?

There are several ways:

Send a note in the with your student day they are needing to leave containing your child’s name, what time they are leaving, a parent signature and phone number.  Turn it into the office by 8:30, then be sure your student knows they MUST come to the office at the designated time to sign out.  EVEN IF YOUR STUDENT IS 18 YEARS OLD THEY ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A NOTE FROM A PARENT/GUARDIAN TO LEAVE CAMPUS.

If you find out they need to leave AFTER they have already left for school, you can fax a note to 758-5645 or 773-7726 requesting early dismissal.  We don’t call students down to sign out if we receive a fax.  If the student is not aware they are needing to leave, you are welcome to call the main office 758-5606 ext.0 and ask us to call them down at dismissal time.

2. What does my child need to do if they become sick at school?

We have a full time nurse at our school every day.  They go see the nurse, she will contact a parent with her findings.

3. Can students have visitors in the cafeteria for lunch?

No, we have 5 lunches and not enough room for extra visitors in our cafeteria. School policy states students are NOT allowed to bring food in from outside vendors unless it is a packed lunch from home.

4. Can students bring cell phones to school?

Yes, they must not be visible from the time the student gets to campus until 3:05.  We have a phone in the office for students to use if you MUST get in contact with your student.

5. My student was out sick (or late to school) and I forgot to send a note, what can I do?

You have 3 days to send in a note or it can be faxed to 758-5645 or 773-7726. 


  • You MUST be 15 for the form to even print in our system.
  • There is a form in the office to request the truancy form.
  • We ask for 24 hours to get the form to the student once it has been requested.
  • Once the form is printed, it is only good for 30 days.