(In the event of NO SCHOOL due to inclement weather, all SDHA Hearings will be moved to the following day or week.)

The SDHA* was put into place by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee with specific guidelines to follow.  The purpose of the SDHA* is to allow both parties to give their side of the events that have led up to this hearing.  It is then the responsibility of the SDHA* to decide whether the student may:

1. Return to their school of zone (possibly on Probation).
2. Be placed in an alternative setting (M.A.P Academy).
3. Be expelled from Wilson County Schools.

Parents and the child must be present for the hearing.
(students who are currently 18 or older may appear by themselves if they so choose)

*If a parent chooses to bring an attorney, the attorney is not allowed to speak during this hearing since it is not a judicial hearing. They may counsel their client but not speak on their behalf or ask questions of the presenting school official.

The hearings last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes so please allow time to attend.

*SDHA - Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority.