Now my child is at MAP:

My child is now in MAP now what:

1.  They will receive an Intake with the parent present.  This will take place usually directly after placement by the SDHA.

2.. They will have explained to them the dress code policies of MAP.

3.  If they leave their point sheet in the car or at home, it is not the parents responsibility to come back and bring it to them.  It is the student's 
     responsibility to have it on them.  They will lose the points from the day before and be issued a new point sheet for that day.

4.  Their academic schedule MAY remain the same but is subject to change based upon what we are certified to offer.

5.  Middle School will be in a self contained classroom while High School Classes are like most schools, in the schedule of changing after set 
     times each day.

6.  High School students will begin their time at MAP in the Transition Room with Mr. Tomlinson and must earn between 500 and 1000 points to 
     exit the room to General Population.

7.  All students are here to earn the amount of points given to them by the SDHA.

8.  Upon completion of their points the student will have a meeting with Mr. Miller, Principal and have explained to them the expectations upon      
     returning their regular school.

9.  While at MAP, NO student may be on any Wilson County School campus without the permission of Mr. Miller or Director of Schools,  Dr. 
     Donna Wright.  (the only exception made is for church attendance on Sunday and/or Wednesday nights)