Dress Code:

Gray or black sweat pants must have pockets sewn and 
ARE THE old traditional type of sweats with the 
elastic at bottom of legs and drawstring at the waist.  

Gray or black crew neck t-shirts or sweatshirt may be worn.

 Absolutely no scoop neck collared 
shirts or v-neck.

All pants and shirts must have ALL pockets 
sewn closed on their first day.

Athletic shoes only and must have shoe 
strings tied at all times.  NO boots, work 
boots, sandal, flip flops, crocs, dress shoes, and the like.

Socks must be worn!

All shirts must be tucked in prior to entering 
the building.

Girls may have a light foundation of 
make up.  

Hair color may be a natural color and NOT any 
non-natural color hair.  
(ie. pink, lime green, yellow, blue...etc.)

I am sorry that if your child decided to 
have their nose or eyebrow, or lips pierced, 
they will not be a MAP. 
Consequences can be tough.

Boys with long hair will keep it out of their eyes 
with the use of a rubber band or elastic 
hair band.  NO exceptions.

NO hats will be worn inside the building.

ALL TATTOOS will be covered 
by the student prior to entering 
the building.


This is an alternative program.  The rules are completely different than the regular schools.  Many privileges are lost upon placement at MAP.  Students must and will comply with all rules of MAP Academy 
or be subject to dismissal from the program and it will be on the parent at that time to find suitable education placement for their child.