Ms. Hamilton and Mrs. Willis were both awarded Chamber grants totaling $700 for their classroom and library.

2nd Grade Book Club

Lakeview's Junior Chefs

pet items for dr. seuss.jpg


We enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday.  This year, we did one of the things we love to do here at Lakeview - giving back to our community!  To celebrate Dr. Seuss's book, "What Pet Should I Get?" we collected pet care items to donate to the local animal shelter. 

We were delighted to share in the special achievement with Vivian Acevedo as she was recognized for a perfect score on the 2015 3rd Grade Writing Assessment.  She received a signed certificate from the TN Education Commissioner, Dr. McQueen, and Mayor Hutto was on hand to help us with the celebration.5

Thank you, Cub Scout Troop 913, for cleaning up our school grounds. 

On Saturday, April 11th, over 100 Lakeview students, parents and staff participated in the Think Green, Think Clean challenge by picking up litter around our community.  Below, Girl Scout Troop 582 is pictured.

Our Fantastic Bus Drivers

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