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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Please help us in promoting a healthy breakfast to start each day.

  Government Links
Kid Central Departments in state government offer a wealth of important information and resources for Tennessee families. is a helpful, easy-to-use tool for families to connect with these resources. The site collects and organizes content from across multiple state departments and has a built-in, simplified search process that pulls related content, and even related services so a family can find what they need with only a few clicks. In addition to topics relating to health, education, development, and support, features a comprehensive directory of state-operated and state-funded services for children and families.

Homework Hotline helps students achieve and thrive - one assignment at a time - provided free for any Tennessee student.  The teachers help K-12 students in math, science, language arts, social studies, and reading -- all the way to trigonometry, calculus, statistics, AP chemistry, and physics.  Since 1990, Homework Hotline teachers and volunteers have answered more than 375,000 calls.  Bilingual assistance is available in six languages: English, Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish, Swahili, and Turkmani.  You can also call them at 615-298-6636 or TOLL FREE at 1-888-868-5777 Monday - Thursday from 4 - 8pm.

Become a TNAchieves Mentor
tnAchieves serves primarily first generation, low income students in an effort to increase this population's likelihood of earning a college credential.  tnAchieves data confirms that working with a mentor further enhances a student's likelihood of entering the post-secondary pipeline.
To find out more about this program, click on the link above.  For the application, click on the link below.

ParentCONNECT is a home-to-school collaboration tool that allows parents/guardians to keep track of their children's academic progress online via an easy-to-use web site. Parents/guardians may visit the secure, password-protected site to view a variety of items including grades after registering with the school and upon receiving a user ID and password.  If you need assistance with Parent Connect throughout the school year, including log in and password information, please contact Mrs. Rampey, School Counselor or the main office, and we can assist you. 

R.E.A.D. Program
Cole, the READ dog

Lakeview is fortunate to have the first ever county R.E.A.D. program here at Lakeview.  While this program is only available for a small number of our students, we want all families to know about the program and our R.E.A.D. dog, Coale.  Amy Sloan (handler) and Coale (Elementary School's Reading Education Assistance Dog [R.E.A.D.] are a trained Registered Therapy Team.  They follow specific rules when working with our students including having Coale properly groomed each day before visiting our school, having him wear a special ID tag identifying himself as a "helper dog."  The students participating in the program will read to Coale on a one-to-one basis.  The students participating in the program received permission slips for participation ahead of time.  Please contact Mrs. Rampey, School Counselor, at or 758-5619 if you have any questions.

The Importance of Reading at Home

Reading to your child at home and having them read to you (or read independently) is proven to benefit students through a better vocabulary, better test scores, and reading on levels above their grade level.  The chart below shows how just 20 minutes a night can affect a child's vocabulary and percentile ranking on standardized tests.  See the file at the bottom of the page for further information. 

Importance of Reading 20 Minutes a Day

Report Card (Honor Roll/Principal's List)

Principal's List: A student must earn all A's in a Grading Period (9 weeks)
Honor Roll: A student must earn at least one A without earning anything less than a B in a Grading Period (9 weeks)

RTI2: Response to Intervention and Instruction

Response to Intervention - In education, response to intervention (commonly abbreviated RTI or RtI) is a method of academic intervention used in the United States to provide early, systematic assistance to children who are having difficulty learning.  See the attachment at the bottom of the page for a parent brochure on RTI.

School Banking 

Wilson Bank & Trust brings banking to your children at Lakeview.  Students are able to set up and deposit money into an account with Wilson Bank & Trust without having to go to the bank.  See Bank Days in the school calendar.

Sleep Guidelines
New age-specific sleep recommendations for children | Hope | Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

State Standards

Tennessee State Standards - follow this link to the Tennessee Department of Education's page on Academic Standards.  Then, you may choose the grade level and subject for which you would like standards.

Study Island

Study Island is a great resource for preparing our kids for the state assessments.  This is a web-based program which is accessible to students from school or home.  If you have Internet access, your child can access Study Island from home as well as school to prepare for the state assessments and practice new skills.


Bus Routes - Click here for information on bus routes.  Enter your address, and the bus # and nearest bus top will be displayed.

Bus Stops/Traffic Diagram
Important Information for When Passing is Allowed/Not Allowed - School Bus

Other Useful Links


Math Dictionary:

Math Vocabulary Cards (printable): 

Math Worksheets (printable):

Variety of Math Activities & Resources:

Math Worksheets:

Math Games:

Math Games & Activities:

Math Worksheets:

Multiplication, Games, Resources:

Numeracy Sites:

Learning Games

Test Prep


Learning Videos: 

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