Lakeview in the News

Lakeview In The News

We are so proud of everyone involved at Lakeview Elementary School, and we love when their hard work shows up in the newspapers.  

On Tuesday, October 28th, Lakeview had the honor of hosting State Representative, Susan Lynn; State Senator, Mae Beavers; and Steven Smartt for a program honoring the birthday of our nation's Star-Spangled Banner.  Rep. Lynn and Senator Beavers presented our school with Tennessee state flags for our classrooms as well as a desktop set of US and Tennessee flags for each teacher.  Mr. Smartt gave a presentation on the history of the national anthem and performed the song with his trumpet in honor of the 200th anniversary.  In addition, after the presentation of the colors by our Cub Scout group, Lakeview students sang and signed the national anthem.

Please click on the article below found in the Tennessean:

Wilson County heads back to school -