Policies & Procedures (misc.)


RAPTOR Visitor Management System

  • District-wide Visitor Management System

  • All visitors must have a government issued ID to sign in

  • IDs are scanned in front office

  • Once your information is in our database, it is not necessary to be scanned again

  • All visitors will receive a badge which should be visible during your entire visit

  • For more information, please visit http://www.raptortech.com

  • This system will also be used to log tardies and early dismissals

  • During the school day, the doors to our school remain locked.
  • To gain entry to the building as a visitor, utilize the buzzer located at the front door.
  • Upon utilizing this buzzer, the front office will be able to communicate with you.

  • We welcome parent visitors to eat lunch with their children.
  • Please utilize one of the reserved parent tables. After signing in at the front office, please proceed to the cafeteria to find a seat for you and your child.  Please do not wait in the hallway outside of the cafeteria.
  • Parents are allowed to eat with their child only.  Due to space, no friends are allowed to join them at the reserved tables.
  • If outside food is brought for you and your child, we ask that this food is not shared with any other children. 

Please enjoy our video made for our newest Eagles, our Kindergarten students.  The video also has basic policies & procedures for all students.  A special thank you to Bill Johnson for filming, editing, and preparing this video for our Lakeview families.

Welcome to Kindergarten & Lakeview


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