Policies & Procedures

RAPTOR: New Visitor Management System

  • District-wide Visitor Management System

  • All visitors must have a government issued ID to sign in.

  • IDs are scanned in front office.

  • Once your information is in our database, it is not necessary to be scanned again.

  • All visitors will receive a badge which should be visible during your entire visit.

  • For more information, please visit http://www.raptortech.com

  • This system will also be used to log tardies and early dismissals.

Cafeteria Visitors for Lunch

  • We welcome parent visitors to eat lunch with their children.
  • Please utilize one of the reserved parent tables.
  • Parents are allowed to eat with their child only.  Due to space, no friends are allowed to join them at the reserved tables.
  • If outside food is brought for you and your child, we ask that this food is not shared with any other children. 

Please enjoy our video made for our newest Eagles, our Kindergarten students.  The video also has basic policies & procedures for all students.  A special thank you to Bill Johnson for filming, editing, and preparing this video for our Lakeview families.

Welcome to Kindergarten & Lakeview

Morning Car Arrival Reminders

Please make sure that your child is prepared to exit the vehicle.  It is important that students exit on the side nearest the building so that all students can be seen by staff members as well as other vehicles.  We do not want students walking in front of vehicles.  But, if it is necessary for your child to exit on the driver's side, please make sure they walk in front of their own car. Teachers will assist them once you have parked.  This helps maintain a safe and orderly arrival.

If a student arrives after 7:15, please park and walk your child inside to sign them in.

Please note that our building doors open at 6:45 a.m.  Please do not drop your child off unattended before this time.  Students that arrive between 6:45 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. will report to the gym where they will sit with their grade-level.  At 7:00 a.m., students are dismissed from the gym to go to their classrooms.  Students are counted tardy if they arrive to class after 7:15 a.m.   Our car line can get quite busy after 7 o'clock, please plan accordingly if dropping off your child in the mornings.  

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

Please note: In an attempt to get our students home safely and to ensure their arrival at the correct destination, we will not accept transportation changes after 1:30 p.m.  Calls and e-mails that come after this time can cause unnecessary confusion at dismissal which increases the likelihood of a student going home the wrong way.  

· Daycare and Bus Riders will be dismissed at 2:05.

· Car riders and Kids Club will be dismissed at 2:10.

· If a car rider needs to be picked up before the car line dismissal time, they must be signed out through the main office. 

o If you walk to the school to pick up your child, you must have a yellow card tag out and visible for the staff to see.  Please wait right outside our lobby doors next to the wooden fenced in area.  Please do not wait for or pick up your child from the lobby area.  If you've signed them out, please wait for your child in the office. 

Car Rider Line

There are 2 car lanes in the afternoons:

· All cars must have an official Lakeview car tag before a student will be placed in the vehicle.  Each child being picked up must have their name on a car tag (multiple names can be on one tag).

o If you need an additional tag for grandparents or other friends and family members that may be picking students up throughout the year, or if you misplace yours, please notify your child’s teacher or the main office to receive an additional one.

o Cars without car tags in the car line must pull forward or park when the car lane moves and report to the office to verify permission.  Students may not be picked up from sidewalk until responsible party returns with a note from office and/or a new yellow tag.

· Bus duty teachers will call names as cars move forward.  On a whistle signal, all students will load cars.

· Parents must remain in their cars for the safety of the students.  Many of our younger students get excited when they see their parents, and we feel that this is necessary in order to ensure safety. 

o Upon the sound of the whistle, if your child needs assistance, you may then exit the vehicle to assist with seat belts, booster seats, etc.  Our teachers will be of assistance during this time as well. 


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