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Parent involvement is an important part of any school and there are many opportunities for you to become involved to help enrich the education of your child and others at LHS.  If you are interested in volunteering please complete the LHS PTO Volunteer Form.  Your time will be greatly appreciated by the students, faculty, administration and staff of Lebanon High School.

Purpose of the LHS Parent-Teacher Organization:

The Lebanon High School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an organization whose purpose is to support, encourage and strengthen the education experience and social environment of Lebanon High School.  This PTO will strive to complement the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers, students and our community to learn, socialize, communicate, support and grow with one another.  We want to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement.  

Bylaws of the LHS Parent-Teacher Organization

The PTO is open to all families of students at LHS as well as faculty and staff members.  All families and staff are encourage to participate in the activities that the PTO will hold throughout the year.  The PTO Board represents the membership and the board is made up of PTO members who are either elected or appointed to the Board Positions.  The Board and the PTO leadership team members meet once a month throughout the school year and the Board members, along with other appointed leadership PTO members, manage the organization and financial aspects of all the PTO functions.

The PTO will operate on an annual budget, which is approved by the PTO membership vote.  All registered members of the LHS PTO, attending the monthly PTO meetings, have voting privileges.  The money that is used to sponsor the PTO events is raised through the multiple PTO annual fundraising events.