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Exam Exemption Policy

Policy 4.600, Grading System (in part):  Exam Exemption

“A student having a 90 or higher average from the two nine week grading periods and having three (3) or fewer excused absences will be exempted from the semester exam if the student desires. When a student is exempted from the examination, the semester average will be the average of the two grading periods and any state mandated exam. Any unexcused absence will disqualify the student from semester exam exemptions. A student will be eligible for an exam exemption on a semester by semester basis. If a student who qualifies for exam exemption elects to take to take his/her semester exam, the resulting exam grade shall not lower his/her semester average below the average of the two quarter grading periods.”

Clarification:  This does not apply to EOC classes because students must take the EOC in order to pass the class. This will be effective beginning on Monday, January 27, 2014.