Student Parking Information

Permit Sale Times

Monday - Friday
During Lunch
At the Blue Devil Bank across from the cafeteria.



All students parking on campus are required to purchase a parking permit and park in their designated, numbered parking spot in the student parking lot.  Parking permits are available to students in all grade levels who have a valid driver's license and are sold at the Blue Devil Bank before school and after school throughout the year.

Students parking on campus without purchasing a parking permit will have a boot placement on their vehicle and a fine of $25 for boot removal.

If a student is driving to school on the day they purchase a permit, they must park in the 600 section and see Mrs. Davis or a bank employee before school to purchase their permit.  Temporary parking is only valid for one day.

Parking permit applications require a parent signature, so students should pick up their application the day before they begin driving their vehicle to school.

Parking Permit Requirements: