Tech Café

Come get your questions answered at Tech Café.  This type of PD will be available every Tuesday at the Teacher Training Center located at 308 West High Street, Lebanon, TN 37087.  Tech Café will be offered from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM every Tuesday (when school is in session) until Spring Break.  This will be hosted by an Instructional Technology Specialist as well as a Technology Coach.

If you attend, you will receive 2 Optional In-service hours. You are welcome to be at each Café due to the fact that participation is unlimited. We hope to help make this the most successful year you have had by meeting all of your needs.  

If you are PLANNING TO ATTEND the Instructional Technology Tech Café throughout the year, please register. The link is provided below for your convenience.

Tech Cafe Agenda 2016-2017