Our Technology Coaches provide effective support for teaching and learning through technology integration.  The expected outcomes of this role is increased student achievement, empowering teachers, and the maximization of the district’s investment in technology resources.  Our Technology Coaches serve as a resource to our classrooms teachers with the primary purpose to train teachers in technology use.  In this role, they are also agents of change and actively engaged in curriculum development and lesson planning. As part of these coaching responsibilities, our TCs:

  • Collaborate with teachers to align academic achievement and technology initiatives
  • Work with principal, school community, and District leadership to develop and maintain policies related to technology use
  • Identify staff development needs related to instructional technology
  • Manage technology-related staff development activities
  • Direct the development and sharing of model technology-enriched instructional lessons/units with teachers in support of District teaching and learning models
  • Collaborate with library/media staff to determine, and facilitate the acquisition of, information literacy and research skills