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TASL - TN Academy for School Leaders

Current WCS Administrators

New TASL Event Application and Procedures

The updated TASL credit event application, which includes a new scoring rubric and revised guidance document, is available for immediate use. These improved documents align with the upcoming TASL system changes and will allow organizers to demonstrate alignment to the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards, state and district strategic plans, and instructional leader needs. Questions regarding the new forms should be directed to

Note that all TASL events are now required to issue proof of attendance (e.g., certificate, email) to each participant. Participants will upload proof of attendance to the new TASL tracking system once it is available. More information on this and other updated TASL processes will be available in the coming weeks. Educators are encouraged to maintain personal records of TASL event attendance.

All newly hired administrators and supervisors are required to register with TASL.

All active administrators must complete 28 hours of TASL approved professional learning within two years of the cycle start date.  All cycles begin on July 1 of the fiscal year in which the individual assumes an administrative position.

Educators holding administrative licenses, but not employed in positions requiring TASL hours do not need to earn TASL hours.

School administrators and supervisors with fifteen or more years of administrative experience in Tennessee may apply for exemption from participation in TASL.  An application for exemption must be filed with the TASL office.  You can find the application at this link:

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