July 24th 

Gladeville Elementary 

7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Gladeville Orientation Night
July 31, 2017
On this night you will have a chance to meet your student's teacher, learn about policies and procedures, and ask questions. Please bring 2 proofs of residency this night to be given to your assigned teacher. Your student will not be able to attend school until these forms are turned in. (See documents tab to see acceptable proofs of residency.) 

The following is the schedule for orientation meetings for each grade level. 
The times are as follows:
5:00 First Grade
5:30 Second Grade
6:00 Third Grade
6:30 Fourth Grade
7:00 Fifth Grade

Kindergarten Parents are made aware of their phase-in day and orientation during registration. You will be contacted by your assigned teacher in late July.

Gladeville Elementary will be closed over the summer due to construction.  
The office will be relocated to Wilson Central High School and our hours will be 8:00-2:00.  
You may contact us at 615-444-5694.

Wilson County's new Proof of Residency Requirements can be found on the Documents Page

Congratulations to Wendi Cathey who has been named as our Interventionist.  

We welcome her to this new position, and we are looking forward to working with her in this 

new role at our school in the coming year.

5th Grade Bullying Prevention Video 2016-2017

Melanie Williams is Gladeville Elementary's 2016-2017 "Teacher of the Year"

We want to wish Melanie Williams congratulations for being chosen by her peers as Gladeville's Teacher of the Year.  Melanie is very deserving of this honor.  Our Principal Monica Fox had this to say about Melanie...   

Melanie is uncompromising in her quest for quality educational opportunities for all of her students. She is eager to learn and willing to try new ideas.
She researches effective teaching practices and when she finds useful resources and apps, she shares them with other teachers.
She has a genuine concern for the education and well-being of each of her students. She never loses sight of them and their needs.  She is a kind-hearted person who comes to school every day not to win accolades, but because of the passion she has for teaching.

Melanie shared why she chose teaching as a profession.  When choosing a profession, I wanted a job that would be challeng i ng and give me opportunities to ma ke a d if f erence in the lives of others.  I enjoy  my job  as a teacher  because I learn from my students while they are learning from me and no two days are the same. I want them to have as many hands-on experiences possible and feel they learn more effectively when given those opportunities.

As I completed my student teacher assignment, the teacher who shared her kids with me told me to always ask myself this question at the end of every school day, "If I were a kid in this classroom, would I want to come back tomorrow?" It's important that kids f eel they belong and I strive to provide that atmosphere in my classroom.

I am honored to be Gladeville's Teacher of the Year and to have been chosen by teachers that I admire and am blessed to work with them.

Parents, we want to take a moment to remind you that attendance matters for every child in every grade, from pre-Kindergarten through high school. The Young Child Wellness Council produced this video to promote the importance of school attendance. We encourage you to share the video with your school community. For more information and additional resources for your families and communities, visit the KidCentralTN website (here). To learn how chronic absenteeism impacts our state, review the recently released report Chronic Absenteeism in Early Grades (Commissioner Update 8/17/16)

New Student Registration for 2017-2018

Pre-Kindergarten Application Forms

Pre-Kindergarten Program Information

Kindergarten Registration   Information

 Grades 1-12 Registration Information

Students must be four years of age on or before August 15th and selected by the eligibility criteria to participate.

1st Priority for enrollment:
The family income meets the Federal poverty guidelines.

2nd Priority for enrollment
The child has an IEP (Individual Education Plan)

 The child is in state or foster care
The child is an English Language Learner (ELL)
 The parent is deployed in active military duty
If spaces are still available, we may enroll children based on the Community Pre-K Advisory Council priority for enrollment:
Pre-mature birth (4 weeks or more)
Low developmental screening (AGS, Fluharty, Brigance)
 Teenage mother / father
Child being raised by Grandparent or other family member
(not biological parent)
 TEIS services; qualify for Special education services
WIC; SSI; Families First; Even Start services
Prior Head Start services

For any questions, please contact Cindy Johnson at 

Items Needed
• Registration form for Pre-Kindergarten
• Student At-Risk Questionnaire
• Income Eligibility Worksheet (Proof of Income is Required)
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security card requested
• Current Shot Record
• Two Proofs of Address
• Medical Insurance Card
• Custody Papers (if applicable)
• Copy of W-2 or 2015 Taxes

All parents must register their child so he/she is ready to begin the school year in August. If you do not know the name of the school that your child is zoned for please use Zone Finder to locate the school based on your home's address. When using Zone Finder you will be given the telephone number for the school that your child is zoned for so that you can call if you have additional questions.

All students must be 5 years old on or before August 15th in order to be eligible to attend kindergarten.

Items Needed to Register Your Child:

1. Two Proofs of Residency – This could be a mortgage/lease 
statement or current public utility bill such as 
water, electric, or gas.
2. Child’s State Issued Birth Certificate
3. Child’s Social Security Card requested
4. Child’s updated Tennessee Public School Immunization Certificate providing proof of physical within 12 months of school starting.
5. Custody Papers (if applicable)
6. Photo Identification – of Parent/Guardian

If unable to provide a physical and an up-to-date immunization record at registration please note that these MUST be submitted prior to the first day of school.

Items Needed to Register Your Child:

1. Two Proofs of Residency – This could be a mortgage/lease statement or current public utility bill such as water, electric, or gas. 
2. Child’s State Issued Birth Certificate
3. Child’s Social Security Card requested
4. Child’s updated Tennessee Public School Immunization Certificate providing proof of physical within 12 months of school starting.
5. Custody Papers (if applicable)
6. Photo Identification – of Parent/Guardian

Skyward- Family Access 

Parents or guardians who use a fraudulent address for enrollment may be subject to restitution to the school district or other costs or fees under Tennessee Law (TCA § 49-6-3003). 

Food Policy 2017-2018


In the past, we have loved to celebrate our children’s birthdays by bringing cupcakes and other food items to class.  However, many children have birthdays in the same week or even the same day. There are concerns regarding the amount of sugar in the treat and there are also concerns about allergies and other health issues.    This places a great deal of responsibility on school personnel to monitor outside food entering classrooms.  In addition, students with allergies or other health issues do not have the opportunity to celebrate with their classmates. 

Does this mean we are not celebrating?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN IN THE “GLADE!” 

Classrooms will have their own celebrations throughout the year:  holiday parties, rewards for winning PTO competitions, grade-level incentives, etc.  If there is a special occasion that teachers choose to celebrate, teachers will inform parents of the celebration days and will let you know if any items are needed.

Food items are NOT permitted to be sent for the entire class as a treat except for the events listed above. 

If you would like an alternative to food treats for your child’s birthday celebration at school, below are some suggestions.  Always check with your child’s teacher first to see what he/she finds acceptable for their classroom and ask in advance to make sure they can fit the birthday plans into their schedule.

·       Party favors (matchbox cars, erasers, tops, magnifying glasses, notepads, stickers, etc.)

·       Come into the classroom and read a book to the class

·       Donate something to the classroom (books, games, music, etc.)

·       Decorate a box and send it in to the classroom.  Also send index cards or smaller pieces of paper.  Have the teacher ask each child to write one sentence about the birthday child and put it in the box.  The birthday child gets to take the box home.  Or do the same with an autograph book.

·       Send in supplies and directions for a craft for the children to take home.

·       Bring in something that all the children can sign for the birthday child (stuffed animal, t-shirt, tote-bag, pillow case, etc.)

·       Ask the teacher if you can send in a dance song and have the class do the Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance or the Electric Slide.  Whatever is your child’s favorite! 

2017-2018 Supply Lists are filed under documents

Gladeville Elementary Hours:
      Our times are 7:15 – 2:15 and the front doors will open at 6:45.  Students should not enter the building until 6:45 when teachers go on duty. 
Kid's Club is available every day from 6:00 a.m. & 2:15 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Principal -Monica Fox
Assistant Principal -Mitzi Smith

8840 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Phone (615) 444-5694    

Fax (615) 449-3435

Send mail to PO Box 69, Gladeville, TN 37071

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