Computer Lab Rules & Procedures

  • Please complete the Computer Lab Request Form on the left side of this page to request a computer lab or cart.
  • We have numbered the computers in each cafe and library.  Before bringing your class to the computer lab please print off the seating chart (located on the left sidebar) assign each student to a specific computer number.  Each student will then sit at the corresponding computer number.  Check the computers before you leave the lab. (Per Administration)
  • Teachers should make sure that the lab is clean and that chairs are pushed in when their class leaves.  Be sure to check the computer labs, so in case of damages you are not held responsible.  Any computer problems should be turned in to the librarians with the corresponding computer number.
  • According to the acceptable use policy for Wilson County Schools, students cannot check email or play games on computers.
  • Make sure that all students know their student username and password before using the library or cafes.  If you have a new student, make sure that their Google Drives have been set up before coming to the computer lab.
  • The cost to print is $0.10 per page.
  • Substitute teachers may not use the internet cafes or ipad cart or chromebook cart and must call the library before sending a student to use a computer. 
  • Students may not use flash drives.  As an alternative, Wilson County Schools provides students with a google account and students are able to use google drive.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the library or internet cafes.