School-Wide Academic Support and Intervention

Professionals Reinforcing Individual Developement Everyday

Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, what was once considered Title One at Carroll-Oakland, became known as School-wide academic support. While the focus of the program remains the same, the perimeter of it now extends to the entire school.  All students are eligible to receive instruction from any of the PRIDE members. The students the PRIDE staff works with have the ability to change during the school year and is coordinated with the classroom teachers' enrichment, reinforcement and remediation time known as EAGLE TIME. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students and families of Carroll-Oakland. Our focus is to work in collaboration with the classroom teachers in an ongoing effort to help students reach academic success based upon data and need.We work with students in small pull-out sessions and also with them in the classroom, which is referred to as a push-in session.  The PRIDE staff uses the Common Core Standards along with various assessments to guide our instruction as we collaborate with the students' teachers. Funding through the School-wide program allows the school the ability to offer before and after school tutoring to students who need additional support as they work toward mastery of skills.  Support during intercessions can also take place as part of the School-wide effort to meet the needs of students at Carroll-Oakland. Most importantly, we believe in the ability of children to learn and succeed, but recognize that not all do so at the same pace. As a popular quote goes, "Life is a journey, not a destination" and we are excited to walk that journey in partnership with the teachers, students and families of Carroll-Oakland.


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Melissa Bay

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