Please go to OnCampus and access my online bulletin board.  Go to the "classes" link at the top of the OnCampus page and choose Homeroom/Bible.  Once you open this, you can see my main bulletin board.  All of the important 4th grade information is there!  I've also put some things under other drop down classes--a spelling word grid (optional) under spelling and review sheets under Bible, Science and Social Studies.  The students also have their homework written in the planners--we do that at the beginning of each week.  Let me know if you have any questions please contact me by email kpitman@wilmingtonchristian.org.

Kelli Pitman

Here are the directions that were emailed out from the school office about how to get on OnCampus:

WCS Community:

We are excited to unveil our new grading system OnCampus.  To access OnCampus… 

1.    Visit wilmingtonchristian.myschoolapp.com.  You will be asked for a user name and password.  Click on “forgot password?” where you will be prompted to enter your email address.  Students must use their school email address which is in the following format:  lastname.firstname@wcsstudents.com.

2.    Check the boxes that indicate you need both the user name and password sent to you.

3.    Once you have received the email, follow the prompts.  If you do NOT receive an email, we probably have a different email than the one you indicated in our files.  Contact the appropriate school office (HS, MS, ES), and we will correct this and help you gain access to the program. 

4.    Just as with any new program, we encourage you to explore.  Pay special attention to the Bulletin Boards for helpful information.

5.    Be patient with us.  Our WCS faculty and staff are also learning the new system and may make some mistakes along the way.  We will soon be up to speed!